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Sydney Hunt collection


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This is a finding aid. It is a description of archival material held at the Haverford College Quaker & Special Collections. Unless otherwise noted, the materials described below are physically available in their reading room, and not digitally available through the web.

Overview and metadata sections

C. [Khalil] Raad, the photographer of many of these works, is known as "Palestine's first Arab photographer." He lived from ca. 1854 to 1957, and was active in photography starting in ca. 1890. When his studio, on Jerusalem's Jaffa Road, was threatened by fighting in 1948, an Italian friend sneaked across no-man's-land several times to retrieve Raad's photographic archive. The archive is now preserved in the library of the Institute for Palestine Studies in Beirut.

"The photography of Khalil Raad, which this author has viewed, combines an aesthetic value with an historical importance. In his work, there is nothing "folkloric" as was sometimes the fashion in the work of some photographers who were successful in Europe. On the contrary, his was a vision that showed a considerable sensitivity in its portrayal of daily life. One sees farmers and villages, town scenes all mixed in with portraits of Palestinian fighters, involved since the turn of the century, in the struggle against Zionist colonialism and the British Mandate. It is Raad who conserved for posterity, the features of the patriotic leader, 'Izz al-Din al-Qassam and of Said al-'As and all the men who fought for their native soil. It is Raad who caught the mood of the times with his photographs of villagers and farmers laboring in their fields and orchards, dispelling the myth perpetrated by colonialists in Palestine that it was an empty land peopled only by a few savages."

Source: El-Hage, Badr, "Khalil Raad-Jerusalem Photographer." Jerusalem Quarterly, Winter 2001. Available at: (Accessed October 10, 2011).

Sydney Hunt (1900-?) graduated from Haverford College in 1932, where majored in German, was president of his class in his junior year, and was on the board of the Haverfordian. After graduation, Hunt received a scholarship/grant from the American Friends Service Committee to teach English at the Friends' School for Boys in Ramallah, Palestine. Based on the granting agency, it is believed that Hunt was a Quaker.

Hunt wrote his book, The Joyful Traveler, in the early 1930s about his time traveling the world, including both the Middle East and Germany. By the time it was ready for publication in 1936, the world situation had changed, and publishers didn't believe that the public would be receptive to happy reminiscences about Germany. Hunt held on to the manuscript until 2001, when he began to work on publishing it again. It was finally published in 2003, with his wife the copyright holder (presumably, he had died in the interim). He used some of the slides in this collection to illustrate the book.

Source: Internal evidence, Haverford College yearbook for 1932, and the introduction from Hunt's book, The Joyful Traveler.

These 101 glass slides were probably brought back from Sydney Hunt's trip to Ramallah, Palestine in the 1930s, where he was on assignment for the American Friends Service Committee. Many of the slides have 'C. Raad, professional photographer' on them, as do some boxes, which are titled 'Palestine and Syria.' 13 negatives in the collection were likely created after the trip.

The Sydney Hunt collection was donated to Special Collections, Haverford College in 2007 by Patricia Hunt.

Processed by Jon Sweitzer-Lamme; completed July, 2011.

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Jon Sweitzer-Lamme
Finding Aid Date
July, 2011
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Collection Inventory

Physical Description

114 items

Archival Resource Key. Slide Box A-Slide Box E, 1930s. 39 items.
Box 1

The contents of this box are from 5 small lantern slide boxes, labeled A through E.

Scope and Contents

Box A, 'Bedouin Life,' slides include:

'R. Fountain-Jerash'

'Zeus'-ruined temple

Family among rocks

'Sunset' over water

Men near wooden machinery

Landscape with ruins and plants

Stone column with carved text

'From East Bank' landscape

Stone building and bare landscape

Box B slides (undescribed) include:

Verdant waterfall

Posed portrait of an old man, 4 older women, and a younger boy/girl

Chicken in front of ancient wall

Elaborate portrait mosaic

Wall painting

Small boy with sword

Box C slides, 'School Personalities/Personal Photos,' include:

Man in fez leaning on car

Man cooling feet in river

Woman cooking

'Peasant at Trictrack'-two men smoking hookah

Woman with jar

Posed woman

Men receiving care (at the barber?); same as Negative 4

Posed woman with tree

Wall painting

Painting of a couple

Box D slides, 'Village Life,' include:

Mass of people in street; same as Negative 5

Man in desert

View of building complex


Two babies

Box E slides, 'Religious Heads,' include:

'Samaritan H. P.'

'Latin bishop'

'Coptic bishop'

'Greek patriarch'

'Abyssinian bishop'

Syrian bishop'

'Jewish rabbi'

'The Armenian patriarch'

'Grocer's Shop'

Physical Description

39 items

Archival Resource Key. Slide Box F and Jerash slides, 1930s. 37 items.
Box 2

The contents of this box are from a small lantern slide box, labeled F, and 3 boxes, unlettered, labeled Jerash.

Scope and Contents

Box F slides, 'Ramallah,' include:

'Extensions to Friends' Girls School, Ramallah, Palestine;' same as Negative 1

Modern landscape; same as Negative 12

Ceremony at school

'Stairway to house top'

Group exercise

Woman baking

Men seated around empty stage; same as Negative 6

Jerash I slides include:

'Main Street Jerash--Via Antonina'





Panorama of ruins

Facade in ruins


Sculpture of reclining woman

Lamp in the shape of a horse

'Titus Flavius' impersonator among ruins

Jerash II slides include:

Ampitheater ruins

Roman road and ruins

'Bird's Eye' view

'Entrance G.T.' (cracked)

Pavement and empty sculpture niche


Panorama of ruins

Facade in ruins

Wall paintings

9 oil lamps, with scale

Jerash III slides include:


Staircase in ruins

House in ruins with staircase


Man leaning on pillar

Temple in ruins

Panorama of ruins

Ruins and meadow

Man sitting on ancient steps

Physical Description

37 items

Archival Resource Key. Slides from boxes without labeled locations, 1930s. 25 items.
Box 3

The contents of this box are from four containers: two lantern slide boxes and two paper wrappings, one from Quaker Photo (Arch St), and one labeled 'Possible use-snapshots available.'

Scope and Contents

Unlabeled slide box I includes:

'Alternate for 5-1,' house and garden

Landscape with large body of water

7 men posing in suits

Men outside tent; same as Negative 7

Men smoking hookah

Men outside tent smoking hookah

Outdoor school lesson for young boys

Quaker Photo wrapping slides include:

'General view of Jerash'

Men with laden camels

'Ch. 8.1. Jordan River.' (cracked)

Paper wrapping labeled 'Possible use-snapshots available'

Digging among ruins, '14.3'

Group of columns, '14.2'

Two Western-dressed men, '21-2'

'Grand Mufti Ch. 17'

Soldiers in plaza, 'Ch. 16-1;' same as Negative 8

Man in garden, 'Ch 15-2'

Women with children, '7-1'

Unlabeled slide box II includes:

Camels carrying stone

Mosaic amid ruins

'Baptistry Floor,' mosaic


Mosaic/wall art

Map of Middle East; same as Negative 3

Domed ceiling

Mosaic on wall

Physical Description

25 items

Archival Resource Key. Negatives, 1930s. 13 items.
Box 4

The contents of this box are from a single box, except for number 13, which was in an envelope with the proof of The Joyful Traveler.

Scope and Contents

Negatives include:

1. Friends' Girls School, Ramallah, Palestine

2. Landscape of ruins

3. Drawn map of the Middle East

4. Men in line (at the barber? Customs?)

5. Mass of people in street

6. Men around empty stage

7. Men seated outside tent

8. Soldiers in plaza

9. Large house and landscape

10. Stone building

11. Group of men in traditional dress

12. Modern landscape

13. Portrait of a young man

Physical Description

13 items

Archival Resource Key. Textual and other materials, 1930s-2004. 5 items.
Box 5
Scope and Contents


Proof of The Joyful Traveler: Wanderings of Sydney Hunt, 1932-34, with hand corrections.

Small note: 'Snapshots and pictures used in book w/ Nat(?) 9/13/04'

List of photographs to be used in the book (4 small note pages)

3 'Metal Dark Slides', presumably photographic equipment, in original packaging. Labeled 'Metallkassette für Kamera mit Normalfalz Nr. 665/7 9x12'

Physical Description

5 items

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