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Scattergood Family papers


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Thomas Scattergood (1748­-1814), Quaker minister, was the son of Joseph and Rebecca (Watson) Scattergood of Burlington, New Jersey. In 1772, he married Elizabeth Bacon (d. 1780), and in 1783, married Sarah Hoskins (1751­-1832). He traveled extensively in the ministry in America and Great Britain, spending six years in the latter (1794­-1800). During his travels in the American South, he spoke out against slavery.

Thomas and Elizabeth Scattergood's son was Joseph Scattergood (d. 1824), who, in 1801, married Ann Rogers. Their son was Joseph Scattergood, who, in 1831, married Mary McCollin. Joseph and Mary's son was Joseph Scattergood (1839­-1890).

Correspondence, diaries, illustrations, marriage certificates, legal and business related papers, photographs, poetry, and other miscellaneous papers.

Correspondence includes approximately 320 letters (1781-1814) of Thomas Scattergood (1748-1814) to family and friends chiefly discussing spiritual matters and his travels in Great Britain, New England, North and South Carolina, Virginia, etc.

Also approximately 250 letters (1781-1814) to Scattergood discuss spiritual matters and Friends' activities, correspondents include Jonathan Binns, Josiah Bunting, John Cox, William Dillwyn, Henry Drinker, William Forster, Susanna Horne, Rebecca Jones, John Pemberton, Joseph Scattergood, Rebecca Scattergood, Rachel Smith, and others.

Thirty-six letters (1784-1798) of Sarah (Hoskins) Scattergood to her husband, Thomas Scattergood, and approx. 52 letters (1729-1864) of various Friends (chiefly with Hoskins family members), correspondents include John Hoskins, Nicholas Waln, and others; extracts (1822-1857) from letters and papers of William Scattergood (1804-1857).

Scrapbook of Mary (McCollin) Scattergood, containing illustrations and portraits of Biblical and Quaker subjects, famous people and places.

Scrapbook (1681-1903) of Alfred G. Scattergood containing letters, marriage certificates, and other documents of Scattergood and related families, as well as facsimiles, broadsides, and other papers related to Quakers; miscellaneous family papers include marriage certificates, photographs, poetry, etc.

Diaries (17 volumes, 1779-1811) of Thomas Scattergood include his reflections on his travels, his mental and spiritual state, and visits to Meetings. Also includes his description of the York Retreat.

  • Volume 1 : Letters of Thomas Scattergood, 1781-­1795
  • Volume 2 : Letters of Thomas Scattergood, 1795­-1814
  • Volume 3 : Letters to Thomas Scattergood, 1781­-1799
  • Volume 4 : Letters to Thomas Scattergood, 1799­-1814
  • Volume 5 : Letters of Sarah Scattergood, 1784­-1798
  • Volume 6 : Miscellaneous letters and papers, 1729-­1864
  • Volume 7 : "Selections from the letters and papers of the late William Scattergood, 1860" [William Scattergood (1804­-1857)]
  • Volume 8 : Scrapbook of Mary (McCollin) Scattergood (miscellaneous pictures and portraits)
  • Volume 9 : Scrapbook belonging to Alfred G. Scattergood of Germantown, Pa., 1681 (facsimile) ­1903
  • Miscellaneous papers, 1772­-1909
  • Diaries of Thomas Scattergood, 1779-­1812

Acquisition for correspondence unknown. Diaries were purchased by Special Collections, Haverford College in 2013.

Revised by Lillian Sweeney, February 2020.

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Collection Inventory

Letters of Thomas Scattergood, 1781-1795.
Box 1
Scope and Contents

This is a volume has letters from Thomas Scattergood pasted onto blank pages. The handwritten index to the letters in the front of the volume gives the name of the letter-writer, their address, to recipient of the letter, the date, and the corresponding page number. The letters are primarily addressed to Joseph, Rebecca, and Sarah Scattergood from Thomas Scattergood. Other recipients include: David Bacon, Hannah Cathrall, John E. Cresson, Henry Drinker, George Dillwyn, Sarah Harrison, Eliz. Hendricks, Sarah Hoskins, Lydia Hoskins, John Hoskins, John Hunt, Rebecca Jones, Alice Nedham, John Pemberton, Peter Price and Mary Scattergood.

Letters of Thomas Scattergood, 1795-1814.
Box 2
Scope and Contents

This volume has the letters of Thomas Scattergood pasted into its pages. There is a handwritten index in the same manner as Volume 1 (the writter and recipient of the letter, date, and address). Notably there are letters while Scattergood travelled in Great Britain (1795-1800) and New England (1811) and an account by Joseph Scattergood of his father's [Thomas Scattergood] death. Although most are addressed to Joseph, Rebecca, and Sarah Scattergood, other recepients include: David Bacon, John Dean, George Dillwyn, Henry Drinker, D. Horne, J. Hoskins, Rebecca Jones, James Pemberton, and Mary Scattergood.

Letters to Thomas Scattergood, 1781-1799.
Box 3
Scope and Contents

Letters are from: Martha Allinson [4], David Bacon [2], Richard Baker [1], Elizabeth Barton [1], Robert Benson [1], Sarah Benson [3], David Berwick [1], Mary Bevan [1], John Bevan [1], Margaret Bevan [1], Thomas Bewly [1], Mary Bewly [1], Jonathan Binns [1], David Brooks [2], Josiah Bunting [6], James Clibborn [1], Clonmel School (Girls) [1], Samuel Couch [3], Mary Cove [1], John Cox (Jr.) [2], Caleb Cresson [1], John E. Cresson [4], Sarah Cresson [1], John Elliott Cresson [3], Ann Crowley [2], G. & S. Dillwyn [1], Henry Drinker [4], Mary Dudley [3], John Elliott [1], Susanna Emlen [1], William Farmer [1], Thomas Fisher [1], Hannah Forbes [4], Elizabeth Foulke [1], Elizabeth Gibson [1], George Gibson [1], William Gunn [1], Catharine Haines [1], Truman Harford [1], Sarah Harrison [1], William Hartshorne [1], Elizabeth Hibberd [1], Susanna Horne [2], Mary Horne [1], John Hoskins [2], Lydia Hoskins [1], Mary Hoskins [1], John Jay [1], Rebecca Jones [6], William Lucas [1], Elizabeth Marlin [1], T. Mildred [1], John Pemberton [3], Sarah Phillips [1], William Pooley [1], William Rotch [1], Martha Routh [2], William Savery [3], David Sand 1], R. Scattergood [1], T. Scattergood [1], Joseph Scattergood [1], Rebecca Scattergood [1], Henry Smalley [1], Rachel Smith [4], Joseph & R. Smith [1], Robert Smith [1], Daniel Smith [1], Deborah Stabler [1], Mary Stanton [1], John Taber [1], Sarah Talbot [1], Elizabeth Usher [2], Joseph Whitall [1].

Letters to Thomas Scattergood, 1799-1814.
Box 4
Scope and Contents

Letters to Thomas Scattergood from: John Abbott [1], Martha Allinson [3], Thomas Ashby (Jr.) [1], Edwin A. Atlee [1], Mary Baker [1], Eliza Barton [1], Thomas Benson [1], Robert Benson [3], Sarah Benson [1], Tabitha Bevans [2], Margaret Bevans [1], SarahBevans [1], J.G. Bevan [2], Thomas Bevans [1], Jonathan Binns [5], Elizabeth Bludwick [1], Jarvis Brady [1], David Brooks [1], PriscillaBunker [1], Anne Capper [1], George Churchman [1], Thomas Colley [1], Ann Crawley [1], Micajah Crew [1], William Dillwyn [8], Ann Dillwyn [1], Ann & Wm. Dillwyn [1], Judith N. Dillwyn [1], Henry Drinker [1], Mary Dudley [1], Anna Eveleign [1], Ann Fairbank [1], J. Ford [1], William Forster (Jr.) [5], Elizabeth Foulke [1], William Storrs Fry [2], Margaret Giles [4], Thomas Haggar [1], E. Hatton [1], J. Holmes [1], John Horn [1], Martha Horne [2], Susanna Horne [4], John Hull [4], Jenny Hull [2], Jane Hull [1], Rachel M. Jackson [1], Edward & Mary Janson [1], Elizabeth Kelley [1], William Manson [2], George Miller [1], Lindley Murray [1], Mary Newbold [1], Samuel Parsons [1], Sarah Phillips [1], Elizabeth Pryor [1], Mary Pryor [1], Ann Pryor [1], Elizabeth Raper [2], Timothy Rogers [1], Mary Routh [1], S. Shackleton [2], Elizabeth Shelby [1], Samuel Smith [2], Joseph & Rachel Smith [9], Hannah Smith [1], Samuel Southall [2], Deborah Stabler [1], Robert Sutcliff [2], John Taber [1], William Tomlinson [1], Elizabeth Usher [1], Mary Watson [2], Ann Whitlock [2], Richard Williams [2], Sarah Woodgate [3], Edward Woodgate [1], and Anne Wright [1].

Letters of Sarah Scattergood, 1784-1798.
Box 5
Scope and Contents

Letters of Sarah Scattergood addressed to Thomas Scattergood, her husband. (There are 36 in total.)

Miscellaneous Letters and Papers, 1729-1864.
Box 6
Scope and Contents

Notable contents include: miscellaneous letters (primarily to and from memebers of the Hoskins family), an account of the death of Elizabeth Allinson from 1768, "This remarkable memorial against separation..." dated 1657, and facsimiles of a letter of John G. Whittier, 1839.

"Selections from the letters and papers of the late William Scattergood, 1860", 1822-1857.
Box 7
Scope and Contents

269 page book of extracts

Scrapbooks of Mary Scattergood, 1821-1831.
Box 8
Scope and Contents

A scrapbook of miscellaneous pictures, portraits, and illustrations. Most images are religious in nature.

Scrapbook of Alfred G. Scattergood (facsimile), 1681-1764.
Box 9
Scope and Contents

This volume contains approximately 80 items arranged chronologically with a typed list of contents. Of note: original marriage certificates, a number of letters between Thomas Scattergood (1668-1745) and Phebe Scattergood (his wife), an inventory of Thomas Scattergood (1668-1745) from 1744, and an indenture apprenticing Joseph Scattergood (son of Thomas Scattergood) to Thomas Chalkley in 1731.

Diaries of Thomas Scattergood (1779-1784), 1779-1784.
Box 1
Scope and Contents

There are three diaries in this folder: 1) 12th mo 10th, 1779 – 1st mo 20th, 1780, 2) 1st mo 22nd, 1780 – 5th mo 4th, 1781 and 3) 7th mo 1st, 1784 – 10th mo 28th, 1784.

Diaries of Thomas Scattergood (1787-1790), 1787-1790.
Box 1
Scope and Contents

There are three diaries in this folder: 4) 1st mo 1st, 1787 – 2nd mo 16th, 1787, 5) 1790 : Selections and memoranda in an almanac, and 6) 1790 : Selections and memoranda.

Diaries of Thomas Scattergood (1792-1794), 1792-1794.
Box 1
Scope and Contents

There are three diaries in this folder: 7) 5th mo 20th, 1792 – 2nd mo 8th, 1793, 8) 2nd mo 11th, 1793 – 6th mo 15th, 1793, and 9) 1794.

Diaries of Thomas Scattergood (1795-1797), 1795-1797.
Box 1
Scope and Contents

There are two diaries in this folder: 10) 6th mo 5th, 1795 – 1st mo 1st, 1797 and 11) 1st mo 2nd, 1797 – 8th mo 8th, 1797.

Diaries of Thomas Scattergood (1797-1801), 1797-1801.
Box 1
Scope and Contents

There are three diaries in this folder: 12) 8th mo 1797, 13) 8th mo 21th, 1799 – 8th mo 18th, 1800, and 14) 8th mo 19th, 1800 – 4th mo 4, 1801.

Diaries of Thomas Scattergood (1801-1811), 1801-1811.
Box 1
Scope and Contents

There are three diaries in this folder: 15) 9th mo 1801, 16) 7th mo 21st, 1811 – 12th mo 5th, 1811, and 17) Various dates within range.

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