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Enoch Hoag papers


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Enoch Hoag (1812-­1884) was the son of Stephen and Martha Beede Hoag. He was engaged in the mercantile business until 1854, when he moved to Iowa and worked as a farmer. He was active in abolition work and aided Freedmen's education. In 1869, he was was appointed Superintendent of the Central Superintendency by President Grant under Grant's "Peace Policy." This policy gave Orthodox Friends supervision of Indigenous Peoples located in Kansas and the Indian Territory. The Superintendency's headquarters were at Lawrence, Kansas. Under Hoag's jurisdiction were nine Indian Agents (also Friends), who were assigned to various Agencies throughout the Central Superitendency. Indigenous Nations in Hoag's oversight included the Kickapoo Tribe of Oklahoma (Kiikaapoa), Shawnee Tribe (Shawano?), Citizen Potawatomi Nation (Neshnabek), Kaw Nation (Kanza, referred to as "Kansas" in the papers), Osage Nation (Wazhazhe), Quapaw Nation (Ugahxpa), Sac Nation (Thakiwaki, Sauk) and Fox Nation (Meskwaki, Meshkwahkihaki), Cheyenne Nation (Tsitsistas), Arapaho Tribe (Hinono'ei), Wichita Tribe (Kitikiti'sh), Kiowa (Ka'igwu), Comanche Nation (Numinu), Wyandot Nation of Kansas (Wendat, referred to as Wyandotte in the papers), Chippewa Tribe (Ojibwe), Peoria Tribe (includes Kaskaskia, Peoria, Piankashaw and Wea), Delaware Tribe of Indians (Lenape), Cherokee Nation (Ani-Tsalagi, Anigiduwagi), Miami Tribe (Myaamia), Seminole Nation, Chickasaw Nation (Chikashsha), Modoc Nation (Maklak), Munsee (often synonymous with Delaware Tribe of Indians/Lenape), and Apache Tribe of Oklahoma Plains (Ka-ta-kas, sometimes referred to as Kiowa Apaches).

Hoag's duties included the establishment of schools, the distribution of supplies, and the payment of government annuities. Hoag resigned his position in 1876, and was succeeded by Dr. William Nicholson. In 1879, Friends withdrew from government sponsored work, partly due to the change in governance with the election of President Hayes.

This collection includes correspondence, financial papers, and an account book concerning the finances of the Central Superintendency and the settling of various accounts with Washington, D.C. The papers also touch on the work of Indian Agents, the forced removal of Native Americans to reservations, the progress and politics of Congressional legislation, and issues which arose at various Agencies. While some of the correspondents belong to various Indigenous groups, the majority are whites working for the government or other organizations. Major correspondents include H.M. Atkinson (Special Indian Commissioner), Cyrus Beede, E.B. French (Treasury Department Auditor), John Hadley, Edward F. Hoag, Enoch Hoag, James E. Rhoads, Jonathan Richards (Agent for the Wichita Tribe (Kitikiti'sh) from 1870-­1876), John Q. Smith (Indian Commissioner 1875-­1877), Thomas Wistar, Levi Woodard (Agent at the Sac Nation (Sauk) and Fox Nation (Meskwaki) Agency).

Most of these letters are related to financial matters (vouchers, receipts, etc.). Most handwritten copies of letters and documents are in the hand of Edward F. Hoag, who served as a clerk to his father.

There are also financial and legal papers (1869­-1879) and an account book (1869-­1875). These include expense accounts, receipts, lists of disbursments, court documents, and petitions.

Materials arranged by type, with correspondence arranged alphabetically.

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misc. A-B.
Box 1
Scope and Contents

(ca. 32 items Copy) -Adair, W.P. (William Penn)

4 Letters, 1 Manuscript Copy, Washington, D.C., 5/28 ­ 11/15/1875

Notes on content: "his work involving Osage Nation (Wazhazhe) and the Osage's desire for the retention of the Superintendent (Gen. Babcock tells WPA that EH is all right with the President); the attack by Governor Osborne; treatment by Agent Gibson; enclosing copy of letter to President Grant regarding Osage murder case; suggesting the employment of General Shanks to represent Osage Nation. -Armstrong, Lucy B.

Letter, Wyandot, Kansas, Feb. 24, 1873

Notes on content: she is a Citizen-­Wyandot (member of Wyandot Nation of Kansas / Wendat) and needs money due her from government. -Arnold, J.

Letter, Baxter Springs, Kansas, 4/3/1875

Notes on content: "desires situation in Indian service" -Barnett, William

Affidavit, Feb. 12, 1869

Notes on content:­ re: land sale to Ottawa University -Battey, Thomas C.

Document, Kiowa Tribe (Ka'igwu) and [?] Agency, 6 mo. 20, 1877

Notes on content:­ re: statement on price of potatoes -Beard, E.W.

Letter Ackworth, Iowa, 4 mo. 6, 1875 to E.C. Rich notes on content re: Beard's school -Beck, Henry

Address Leominster, Herford, England, n.d. to Indigenous people "scattered about in the Western part of America" notes on content: [religious in nature] -Beckarth, James

Manuscript Copy of Letter, Quincey, Ill., Dec. 16, 1875 to F.H. Tibbetts Notes on content: re: weight of freight -Bernard, Helen

Letter, Silver Lake, Nov. 25, 1873

Notes on content:­ asks payment due her and children be given to husband -Bernard, W.R.

Letter, Kansas City, April 4, 1873

Notes on content:­ re: sending supplies -Bettles, William

Letter, Chicago, 7 mo. 1, 1873

Notes on content: re: a man from Great Britian writes looking to "assist" Native Americans -Bird, A.C.

Manuscript Copy of Letter, St. Louis, July 13, 1876

Notes on content:­ re: business with the Rail Road -Black, Ed. H. (Peoria Tribe Member and translator)

Letter, Peoria Reservation, Indian Territory, Dec. 30, 1874

Notes on content: re: "a delegation going to Washington" (has doubts about legitimacy of action by Council of his tribe) -Bliss, J.A.

Manuscript Copy of Letter, Lawrence, Kansas, July 21, 1875

[encloses letter of John K. Rankin, Mayor of Lawrence]

Notes on content:­ support for EH re: payment to guards when traveling with Indian Superintendency payment money -Bonwill, Huldah H.

Letter, Philadelphia, 7 mo. 15, 1874

Notes on content:­ re: finding suitable people to take charge of farm and school (she wants to be teacher) -Boone, A.G.

2 Letters, Denver, Sept. 23 and Oct. 6, 1874

Notes on content: re: "the Smith boy's land in Denver" (William Gilpin Smith is a minor and son of John S. Smith) and there are attempts being made to take his land away from him -Bourassa, Alexander

Letter, Baxter Springs, Kansas, March 14, 1874 Notes on content:­ re: money due to Indigenous people and discusses a Mr. Polk -Bourassa, Eslim[?]

Letter, Kanka Kee, Ill., Dec. 31, 1873 to her mother

Notes on content: family and getting money from Agent -Brookmire & Rankin

6 Letters, Aug. 17, 1870­, April 26, 1871

Notes on content: supplies, groceries (sugar, bacon, tobacco) -Brown, E.J.

Letter, We­woka, Seminole Nation, Dec. 8, 1873

Notes on content: drawing Indian Superintendency money -Buchan, W.J.

2 Letters, Wyandotte, Kansas, March 15 and May 2, 1876 to Edward F. Hoag

Notes on content: settling past accounts (difficulty in?)

misc. C.
Box 1
Scope and Contents

ca. 26 items -Cady, William F.

Manuscript Copy of letters, Interior Department, Washington D.C., Sept. 14, 1870

Notes on content: publication of advertisements in newspapers for Indian Superintendency supply proposals -Caldwell, A. (President Kansas Manufacturing Co., wagon makers)

Letter, Leavenworth, Kansas, Feb. 28, 1879 to John A. Anderson

Notes on content: EFH settling EH's accounts with Washington -Campbell

Manuscript Copy, no place or date to Edward [F. Hoag?] -Campbell, James W.

3 Letters, Carthage, Mo., April 10­-June 27, 1876 to Enoch Hoag and Edward F. Hoag Notes on content: Buchan accuses A.C. Williams of being "a thief and a fraud"

Appears to be reluctant to sign vouchers, stating "these are times of investigation" -Campbell, Robert

2 Letters, St. Louis, Feb. 6,12, 1874

Notes on content: returning Superintendents bond for signature, etc.; returning bond properly signed -Canfield, E. (Ettie?)

Letter, Ogden, Kansas, Dec. 5, 1873

Needs her money, did not authorize L.R. Palmer to draw it -Carpenter, C.C.

2 Letters, Treasury Department., Dec. 14, 1876 and June 2, 1877

Notes on content: "giving cause of delay in the settlement of the account" -Chase, A.J.

Letter, Office for Osage Nation (Wazhazhe) and Kaw Nation (Kanza), 11 mo. 9, 1874

Notes on content: "apprizing of a noted desperado at Coffeyville, etc." -Clayton, A.M.

Letter, Chicago, 1 mo. 15, 1870

Notes on content: "desires employment in Indian service" -Clum, H.R. [Chief Clerk of Indian Commissioners]

3 Letters and 1 Manuscript Copy of letter, Washington D.C, Dec. 24, 1870 - ­Feb. 26, 1883 to E.B. French (2nd Auditor)

Notes on content: authorization of expenses of trips of Cyrus Beede to Washington in 1870s; removal of Sac Nation (Sauk, Thackiwaki) and Fox Nation (Meskwaki) members to new reservation (1870); expense of EH's trip to Washington -Coffin, S.H. (wife of W.G. Coffin)

Letter, Leavenworth, 3 mo. 10, 1875

Notes on content: "on account Jennie Whitfield" (JW's pregnancy to be kept quiet, child to be adopted and then JW will go back to work as teacher of Indigenous People) -Coffin, W.G.

3 Letters, Leavenworth, 3 mo. 16,17, 1875 and 12/20/1877

Notes on content: "Governor Osborne attack for the removal of the Superintendent" (pregnancy of Jennie Whitfield; implication of Kansas militia in attack on Osage Nation (Wazhazhie) (1875 LETTER) -Colton, G.A.

Letter, Parla, Kansas, Nov. 16, 1874

Notes on content: desires to serve the Miami Tribe (Myaamia) and Peoria Tribe as their counsel -Coon, Solomon

Letter, Muskogee, Jan. 13, 1874

Wishes to have his wife's money sent -Covington, J.A.

2 Letters, Cheyenne Nation (Tsitsistas) Agency, Indian Territory, 7 mo. 19, 1871 and 10 mo 25, 1872 to Cyrus Beede (1871)

Notes on content: "receipt for provisions 2d qr. 1871" requests invoices, freight -Cowen, B.R.

Manuscript Copy, Interior Department, Aug. 13, 1875 to the Commissioner of Indian Affairs

Notes on content: granting leave of absence to Hoag -Crowell, G.A.

Letter, [Penn?] Ind., Dec. 29, 1875

Notes on content: drafts for money

misc. D.
Box 1
Scope and Contents

ca. 24 items -Darling, L.R.

2 Letters, Topeka and Cold Spring, Indian Territory, Jan. 6 and Feb. 14, 1874

Notes on content: money drawn for his wife and threatens suit -Darlington, Brinton, 1804­1872 (Agent for Cheyenne Nation (Tsistsistas) and Arapaho Tribe (Hinono'ei))

8 Letters and 1 Manuscript Copy, Camp Supply, Indian Territory, 8 mo. 27, 1869 ­ 8 mo. 18, 1871

Notes on content: report on suitable agency location; Cheyenne Nation (Tsitsistas) discussing about war or peace, Tak-kee-o-mah (Ski'o Mah, referred to as Little Robe) & Moh-hi-ma-he (referred to as Big Horse) have joined a tribe west reportedly working for peace, they return; Dr. Fitzgerald's claim for medical services; explanatory letter of freight receipted for, etc.

Difficult and trying situation he's in, help and money­wise, thinks he should resign, government won't support his actions re: physician and won't supply enough money for a good interpreter -Dawes, Sallie E.

Letter, Wichita Tribe (Kitikiti'sh) Agency, 1 mo. 13, 1876 to Hepsy Hoag

Notes on content: Indigenous person worker at Wichita Tribe (Kitikiti'sh) Agency, Indian Territory

Trip to Wichita Tribe (Kitikiti'sh) Agency and Christmas celebration there -Delano, Columbus, 1809­-1896 (Secretary of the Interior Department)

4 Letters and 2 Manuscript copies, Mt. Vernon and Washington D.C., Nov. 13, 1871 ­ Jan. 26, 1880

Notes on content: the extent of the Commission of Geo. Crowell to pay Indigenous people; pay of W.A. Rankin; words upon retiring from the Office of Secretary of the Interior: the service rendered by Friends to the Peace Policy, etc.; traveling expenses of Cyrus Beede; his opinion of the value of the services of Cyrus Beede chief clerk while in Washington in the years 1873-1875 to the Government service -Delano, James S.

2 Letters, Treasury Dept., Sept. 26, 1876 and Jan. 18, 1883

Notes on content: states U.S. District Court for Kansas has rendered judgment in favor of Government -Denman, A.B.

Letter, Washington D.C., May 4, 1874

Notes on content: desires exclusive trade at Wichita Tribe (Kitikiti'sh) Agency -Downs, W.F.

Letter, (Union Pacific Rail Road) Atchison, Kansas, Jan. 22, 1872

Notes on content: "enclosing annual free ticket"

misc. E-F.
Box 1
Scope and Contents

ca. 25 items -Earle, Edward, d.1877

7 Letters, Worcester [etc.], 1 mo. 7, 1871 ­ 9 mo. 15, 1876 [11/25/1872 to Cyrus Beede]

Notes on content: alluding to trip through the Indian Territory, return home, etc.; meeting of Ex. Com., doubtful about his being able to attend although recognizes much to be done, etc.; the opening of an aggressive policy on Indian Affairs; the opposition of the Kansas delegation against the Superintendent. etc. and their influence in Washington; companion for S. Pumphrey. -Early, John W.

Letter, Baxter Springs, Kansas, March 7, 1874

Notes on content: Citizen Potawatomi Nation (Neshnabek) payment -Easton, D.F.

Letter, St. [Mary's?], Jan. 8, 1876

Notes on content: receipts -Edge, Jonas

Letter, Anadarka, Indian Territory Wichita Tribe (Kitikiti'sh) Agency, 1 mo. 17, 1876

Receipts for shipping goods -Eldridge, Abner

2 Letters, Muscatine, Iowa, 10 mo. 6, 1871 ­ 3 mo. 10, 1875

News from there -Evans, J. Wistar

Letter, Philadelphia, 7 mo. 5, 1873

Extract from Assoc. Ex. Comm. meeting re: Osage Nation (Wazhazhe) murders and support of Agent Gibson and Supterintendent Hoag -Every, J.S.

Letter, Lawrence, Kansas, Dec. 11, 1871

Notes on content: notice of meeting of Ottawa Board of Trustees -Fenton, E.

Letter, [187?]

Notes on content: freight delivery -Fenton, E., et al.

Letter, Lawrence, Kansas, Jan. 26, 1876 to Commissioner on Indian Affairs, J.Q. Smith

Notes on content: "bidders on Indian Agency supplies, requests that contract be let at Lawrence in accordance with advertisement of the Superintendent" -Ferris, Robert M. (Secretary of Missionary Board of New York Yearly Meeting)

Letter, New York, 12 mo. 21, 1874

Notes on content: enquiring of whereabouts of Jennie Whitfield, a teacher sent to Wichita Tribe (Kitikiti'sh) Agency and why she left the service [see letters of Coffins] -Fisk, Clinton B. (General Fisk was Chairman of the Board of Indian Commissioners)

Letter, New York, June 14, 1875

Notes on content: reply to Governor Osborne (EH's response to Gov. Osborne) -Fitzgerald, [J.A.]

2 Letters, Camp Supply [invoice?], Indian Territory, Oct. 12, 1869 to Brinton Darlington and Fort Lapham, Indian Territory, Sept. 10, 1876 to Enoch Hoag

Notes on content: his payment for services -Fookes, T.

3 Letters, Kansas City, Mo. (Kansas Pacific Rail Road), July 22, 1875 to A.C. Bird, H.H. Courtwright, J.A. Hill

Notes on content: settling old accounts with Washington -Frere, Franklin

Letter, Rossville, Kansas, July 5, 1875

Notes on content: drawing payment, wants his money

misc. G-H.
Box 1
Scope and Contents

ca. 38 items -Galpin, Samuel A. (chief clerk to John Q. Smith, Indian Commissioner 1875­-1877)

3 Letters, Interior Department, Aug. 31­ Sept. 7, 1876

Notes on content: traveling expenses of Superintendent to Washington; leave of absence equivalent to authority for same -Garrett, John B.

Letter, Philadelphia, 12 mo. 30, 1872

Notes on content: letter of Jonathan Richards (re: Al[vor]d) and whether it should be published in newspaper -Garrett, Richard

Letter, Wilder, Kansas, Feb. 18, 1875

Wants his land as he accuses his father of cheating him of it -Gibson, Isaac

6 Letters, Osage Nation (Wazhazhe) Agency, Indian Territory (and Salem, Iowa), 8 mo. 14, 1874 ­ 1 mo. 16, 1878

Notes on content: settlement of estate, freight bills -[Gokey], Lewis

Letter [by mark], Chippewa Tribe (Ojibwe) and Munsee People (Min-asin-ink) Reserve, Kansas, July 15, 1879

Notes on content: the estate of his brother Antoine and a land patent -Gorham, Charles T.

4 Manuscript Copies, Interior Department, Aug. 24, 1876 [3 copies] and Aug. 28, 1876 to the Commissioner of Indian Affairs -Haines, Rebecca G.

Letter, Philadelphia, 9 mo. 8, 1874

Notes on content: Wyandot Nation of Kansas (Wendat) Mission character of workers, etc. -Harley, J.M.

Letter, Chickasaw Nation (Chikashsha) Academy, Oct. 27, 1876 to Col. George D. James introducing EH -Haworth, J.M.

3 Letters, Manuscript Copy of Letters, Kiowa Tribe (Ka'igwu) and Comanche Nation (Numinu) Agency, Indian Territory, 5 mo. 17, 1873 to 3 mo. 31, 1876 [12/7/1875 to William Mathewson]

Notes on content: received salt and bacon and wants invoice of former -Hayes, J.A.

Letter, Interior Department, March, 21, 1879

Enclosing copies of letters -Hayt, Ezra A., 1823-­1902 (Commissioner of Indian Affairs 1877­-1880)

Letter, Interior Department, March 24, 1879

Notes on content: "copy of letter cannot be furnished as it does not relate to accounts" -Haywood, R.C.

Letter, Arkansas City, Kansas, Oct. 16, 1875

Notes on content: claims reports to the Arkansas Traveller are unjust and do not reflect the sentiment of the community -Herring, C.F.

3 Letters, Treasury Deptartment, Sept. 2-­18, 1875 [9/18/1876 to John Hadley]

Notes on content: Hoag's accounts -Hoag, Joseph J.

2 Letters, Sweetland, 3/4/1875 and 9/23/1876

Tells EH of condition of Indigenous Peoples in his region and Yearly Meeting doings re: Indigenous Peoples (1876) -Hoag, Paul

3 Letters, Sandwich, 2 mo. 20, 7 mo. 3, 1874 and 4 mo 23, 1876 to "Dear brother"

Notes on content: business -Howard, W.H.

Letter, Wichita Tribe (Kitikiti'sh) Agency, Indian Territory, July 26, 1873?

Notes on content: claims of Caddo Nation (Kadohadacho) against Osage Nation (Wazhazhe) -Howland, Edward W.

Letter, New Bedford, 7 mo. 12, 1874

Notes on content: cannot attend meeting of the Committee at Lawrence on account of illness of his wife -Huffaker, L.S.

Letter, Council [Leone?], March 25, 1875

Notes on content: desires money for Shamleffer -Hutchinson, C.C.

2 Letters, Hutchinson, Kansas, May 5 and Dec. 2, 1874

Notes on content: sale of lot in Hutchinson; tax on Hutchinson lot

misc. J-M.
Box 1
Scope and Contents

ca. 43 items correspondents include: -James, George W.

Letter, "Indian Agency in Kansas," 12 mo. 23, 1875 to M.[H.] Newlin

EH wants receipts -Jones, H.W.

3 Letters and 1 Document. [copy?], Quapaw Nation (Ugahxpa) Indian Agency, Indian Territory, Aug. 21 [to EFH] and 22, 1876, Aug. 27, 1877

Notes on content: release of mortgage by heirs of Elizabeth Captain; does not wish to give official receipt for certain money without further understanding as to how he is to account for same, etc. -Jones, Isaac (U.S. Interpreter)

Signed Document, Wichita Tribe (Kitikiti'sh) Agency, Indian Territory, Nov. 26, 1877, signed statement re: Jonathan Richards' tenure at Agency (approximately 117K). -Journeycake, Charles

Letter, Coffeyville, Kansas, July 17, 1877

Enclosing $20 -Juneau, N.M.

Letter, North Topeka, Dec. 26, 1873

Asking about money belonging to Nuk­Kahzh (member of the "Sectionizing Pottawatomies" of Citizen Potawatomi Nation) -Kneeland, G.S.

Letter, Plowboy, Kansas, May 11, 1874

Inquiring after money for an Indigenous woman's children -Lang, John D.

Letters, Vasselboro, Maine, 3 mo. 6, 1875

Notes on content: "[Indigenous People] workers being faithful to duty and remembering Thomas and Mary B. Pinkham and enquiring about them" -Larkin, Augustus C.

Signed Document, Franklin Co., Kansas, Feb. 12, 1869

Sworn statement re: conversation re: land [Ottawa Univ.?] -Linn, H.C.

3 Letters, 1 Manuscript Copy, Saint Mary's, Kansas, March 30, 1874 ­ June 10, 1876

Notes on content: allotment rolls and Margret Fregon -McGrew, Archie F.

Letter, Silver Lake, Kansas, Jan. 3, 1874

Commanded to pay John Wilson, a Citizen of Potawatomi Nation (Neshnabek) -McIntosh, Chilly

3 Signed Documents [copies], Wichita Tribe (Kitikiti'sh) Agency, Aug. 6, 1872

Notes on content: service of Apache Tribe of Oklahoma (Ka-ta-kas) member, a Chief "Peso or Dollar" and pay for same -Marshall, Rose

Letter, Edwardsville, Kansas, Dec. 13, 1875

Authorizes payment of her annuity -Martin, H.W.

Letter, Snow Hill, Kansas, Nov. 3, 1876

Notes on content: notes given while agent for Sac Nation (Thakiwacki) and Fox Nation (Meskwaki) -Martin and Can [?]

Letter, Topeka, Dec. 20, 1873

Notes on content: some Citizen Potawatomi Nation (Neshnabek) members who were not paid -Mathewson, William

3 Letters, Wichita, Dec. 14, 1875 ­ March 10, 1876 [two are to Cyrus Beede]

Notes on content: vouchers and freight -Merrit, J.S.

Receipt, Topeka, Jan. 14, 1874 -Mesone, T.W

Letter, Rossville, Aug. 22, 1876 to EFH (accompanied affidavit) -Metsker, D.C.

2 Letters, Topeka, March 2, and May 2, 1874

Notes on content: Citizen Potawatomi Nation Members (Neshnabek) -Miles, John D.

4 Letters, Cheyenne Nation (Tsitsistas) and Arapaho Tribe (Hinono'ei) Agency, I.T., 6 mo. 12, 1872 ­ 4 mo. 19, 1876

Notes on content: "balance in his hands for late agent Darlington; death of Grey Beard and removal to near Baxter Springs " -Mitchell, George

4 Letters and receipt, Baxter Springs, Kansas, April 8, 1871 ­ Sept. 1, 1877 [includes 3/25/1873 Letters to Cyrus Beede]

Notes on content: accounts -Moore, W.P.

Letter, Chicago, May 9, 1876 to H.W. Mead

Requesting account information for EH -Morris, J.L.

Letter, Como, Indiana, 8/10/1876 to EFH -Morris, J.W. (U.S. Indian Agent)

Manuscript Copy of Letters, Citizen Potawatomi Nation Indian (Neshnabek) Agency, 5 mo. 27, 1870 to E.S. Parker

Notes on content: justification for expenses and estimates thereof -Murphy, Thomas

2 Letters, Atchison, Kansas, Nov. 25, 1872 and Aug. 7, 1877

Notes on content: worth of an old safe

misc. N-P.
Box 1
Scope and Contents

ca. 48 items correspondents include: -Neal & Murphy

Letter, Kansas City, March 16, 1872

Notes on content: receipts for freight -Neal, Moses

Letter, Lawrence, Kansas, 3/17/1876

Notes on content: "states no cause exists for rumor of personal interest in their contract" -Negus, Israel

Letter, Springdale, 7 mo. 12, 1878 to EFH

Claims of EH's honesty and encloses copy of letter from Treasury Department saying that there is an outstanding balance due the gov't. from EH of $33,785.33 [!!!!!] -Newlin, M.H.

4 Letters, Citizen Potawatomi Nation (Neshnabek) Agency, 12 mo. 2, 1873 ­ 3 mo. 31, 1876

Notes on content: payment to various Citizen Potawatomi Nation (Neshnabek) members -Newson, Joseph

2 Letters, Miami Tribe (Myaamia) School House, Miami Reservation, Indian Territory, 6/17 [to EH] and 7/1/1876 [to EFH]

Notes on content: receipts -Newton, Isaac

Letters, Agriculture Department., 11 mo. 24, 1865

Notes on content: "on behalf of freed men, has delivered address of Iowa yearly meeting to the President" -Nicholson, William

4 Letters and 2 Manuscript Copies [of Letters of Cyrus Beede to Brinton Darlington, 1871], Washington, D.C., 8/8/1871 to 7/21/1876 [1876 Manuscript Copy of Letters to Geo. W. Smith]

Notes on content: "enclosing notice of the confirmation by the Senate of Enoch Hoag to be Superintendent of Indian Affairs for Central Superintendency; Indian affairs at the Capitol" -Palmer, L.R.

Letter, St. Mary's, Kansas, July 17, 1874 to EFH -Paramore, Jessie I.

Signed Document, Franklin Co., Kansas, Jan. 10, 1870

Sworn statement re: Ottawa University -Parker, Ely Samuel, 1828­-1895 [Indian Commissioner 1869­-1871]

4 Manuscript Copies, Interior Department, July 19, 1870 to May 25, 1871

Notes on content: purchasing and shipping goods; Sac Nation (Sauk, Thakiwaki) and Fox Nation (Meskwaki) financial matters -Parrott, J.B.

Letter, Paola, Kansas, Jan. 26, 1876 -Parvin [?], J.A.

2 Letters, Muscatine, Iowa, July 5, 13, 1878 [to EFH 7/13]

Notes on content: letter from the Treasury Department re: EH's accounts [see Negus letter above] -Pennock, H.L.

Letters, Kansas City, Aug. 7, 1877

Notes on content: [McCrouse] -Pickering, A.H.

2 Letters, Chicago, 10/8 and 9, 1869

Notes on content: supplies -Pickering, John H.

9 items [6 Letters, 3 Signed Documents], 12 mo. 14, 1869 to 6 mo. 26, 1876

[includes Letter to John Hadley, 1874, 3 Letters to Edward Hoag, 1876]

Notes on content: mill, Kickapoo Tribe of Oklahoma (Kiikaapoa) schoolhouse -Piper, James M.

5 items [2 Letters to Enoch Hoag, 1 Letter of Hoag to Piper, 1 Manuscript Copy of Piper to E.F. Hoag, 1 Letter of Piper to E.F. Hoag], Kansas City, Mo. [and other locations], 8/4/1877 to 3/22/1879

Notes on content: "shortage of bacon disallowed by the Government" [1877], supplies and shipping same -Polk, John W.

Letter, St. Mary's, Kansas, April 15, 1874

Notes on content: money paid to M Tom ma[?] -Polk, O.H.P.

2 Letters, Kansas City, March 30 and April 3, 1874

Notes on content: money for M Taw ma[?] -Porter, Pleasant

Letters, Okmulkee, Indian Territory, July 3, 1878

Needs vouchers -Price, Moses

2 Letters, Fort Gibson, April 2 and 3, 1875

Notes on content: certificates re: delegate

misc. R-S.
Box 1
Scope and Contents

ca. 36 items correspondents include: -Rankin, John K.

4 items [3 Letters, 1 Manuscript Copy of document], Washington, D.C. and Lawrence, Kansas, 8/22/1876 to 6/5/1878

Sworn statement re: payment of extra help at Post Office

Safe at Sac nation (Thakiwaki) and Fox Nation (Meskwaki) Agency

Stock held by EH in Lawrence Savings Bank -Rankin, Wm. A.

Legal document., Douglas Co., Kansas, March 21, 1879

Notes on content: moving a sawmill -Rex, John

Letter, St. Louis, Sept. 7, 1874

Notes on content: blankets -Richardville, T.F.

Letter, Foutance, Kansas, Dec. 14, 1875 to J.P. [Hiner? Ibiner?]

Notes on content: addresses of certian Indigenous Peoples (heirs) -Ridenour, P.D.

Letters, Lawrence, Kansas, Feb. 9, 1869 to C.C. Hutchinson

Notes on content: Ottawa University -Roberts, John M.

Letter, Muscatine, Iowa, Oct. 23, 1870

Notes on content: farming -Ross, William P.

3 Letters, Fort Gibson, April 2, 1875 [w/seal of Cherokee Nation (Ani-Tsalagi)]

Stating that WPR was Acting Principal Chief of Cherokee Nation (Ani-tsalagi) when at General Council with the Plains Native Americans [could be referring to Plains Apache (Apache Tribe of Oklahoma, Ka-ta-kas) or a more generalied "Plains Indians" -Indigenous Peoples of the Great Plains] at Wichita Tribe (Kitikiti'sh) Agency April 1871 -Sargent, M.L.

3 Letters, Topeka, Kansas, [Atchinson, Topeka & Santa Fe Rail Road], May 2, 1871 to Aug. 20, 1875

Notes on content: supplies and freight -Seright, William W.

Letter, Wichita Tribe (Kitikiti'sh) Agency, Indian Territory, June 21, 1874

Notes on content: "the renting of the farm" -Severs, F.B.

Letter, Okmulkee, Indian Territory, Dec. 30, 1875

Account of subsistence given to Plains Indians [could be referring to Plains Apache (Apache Tribe of Oklahoma, Ka-ta-kas) or a more generalied "Plains Indians" -Indigenous Peoples of the Great Plains] -Shanks, J.P.C.

2 Letters, [?] and Portland, Ind., April 15, 1875 and Feb. 5, 1876 (includes Letter to Cyrus Beede, 1875 re: Governor Osborne, attack etc.) -Shepherd, A.

Letter, Plattford [?], July 9, 1870 to "brother and sister" -Smith, Edward P. (Parmelee), 1827-­1876 [Indian Commissioner 1873-­1875]

2 Letters and 3 Manuscript Copies of Letters, Interior Department., Oct. 24, 1873 to Sept. 3, 1875 includes Manuscript Copy of letter to Treasury re: "purchasing supplies in the open market for immediate use"; 1874 Letter to Jonathan Richards re: "returning contract of J.A. Breckenridge disapproved and calling for a reduction of the number of employees" -Smith, S.T.

5 Letters, Kansas City, (Kansas Pacific and Denver Pacific Rail Road), Nov. 29, 1871 to Aug. 17, 1875 (1875 Letters written at bottom of Letters of Enoch Hoag to him, includes 1871 Letter to Cyrus Beede)

Freight and supplies -Smith, S.W.

3 Letters, Silver Lake, Kansas, July 17 to Aug. 25, 1874

Money wanted by Andy Smith (his son) -Smith, William G.

Letters, Ackworth, Iowa, March 7, 1876

Notes on content: money to be sent to him -Standing, Alfred J.

Letter, Yankton Agency, 7/31/1878 to E.F. Hoag

misc. T-Y.
Box 1
Scope and Contents

ca. 39 items correspondents include: -Tatum, Lawrie

2 Letters, Office Kiowa Tribe (Ka'igwu) Agency, Indian Territory, 10 mo. 21, 1871 and 3 mo. 18, 1872

Notes on content: statement of Agent Tatum's wants -Thorndike, Henry

2 Letters, Wyandot Nation of Kansas (Wendat) Mission, Indian Territory, 8 mo. 19, 1875 and Muscatine, Iowa, 11 mo. 3, 1877

Notes on content: request for clothing for Indigenous children -Times [of Leavenworth, Kansas]

3 Letters [signed by var., including D.R. Anthony], Leavenworth, July 25, 1875 to April 28, 1876

Advertisements, vouchers -Trefren, M.D.

Letter, Kansas City, Mo., Nov. 8, 1875

Notes on content: Josephine Buck, a Shawnee Tribe member (Shawano?) -Tuttle, A.C.

4 Letters, Shawnee, Kansas [and other], 2 mo. 10, 1870 to 10 mo. 8, 1875 [includes Letters 1870 to A.C. Famham?]

Friendship for EH, need for help for economically disadvantaged Indigenous Peoples, feels strongly about this -Upton, W.W.

3 Letters, Treasury Department., July 25 to Dec. 4, 1878

Notes on content: "mere paper balances cannot be charged to new sureties; in final settlement the credits under one bond will be offset by the credits under another etc. any further evidence should be for'd to the auditor; states unless further evidence is furnished without unnecessary delay the auditor will be instructed to restate the account and legal action will be brought for balance due the U.S," -Van Every, J.B.

Letter, New York [Western Union], Sept. 9, 1874 to R.C. Clowry -Waldschmidt, A.

Letter, Independence, Kansas, Nov. 13, 1876

Flour -Walker, Mary A.

Letter, Wyandotte, Kansas, Aug. 4, 1875

Notes on content: "desires a loan on Lawrence property" -"Walsh­Kia"

AL, St. Mary's, Kansas, March 5, 1874

Notes on content: getting money -Wann, Frederick A.

2 Letters, Kansas City, Mo., May 18 and June 8, 1875 to Edward F. Hoag

Notes on content: vouchers -Watkins, J.N.

Letters, Kansas City, Mo., Feb. 24, 1875 to W.P. Robinson

Notes on content: freight -Weber, Miriam C.

Letters, South Durham, Maine, 3 mo. 11, 1870 to "Uncle Enoch" -Weld, W.H.

2 Letters, Wenoka, Indian Territory, Dec. 6, 1873 and Lawrence, Kansas, July 13, 1874

Notes on content: money entitled to -Wheeler, Willis

Letter, Shawnee, Iowa, 8 mo. 3, 1876 to Levi Woodard, Sac Nation (Thakiwaki) & Fox Nation (Meskwaki) Agency won't sign bill for goods, don't think they have received all of them -Whetstone, John H.

2 Documents [affidavits], Franklin Co., Kansas, Feb. 15, 1869 and Jan. 10, 1870

Notes on content: Ottawa University land -Whittlesey, Eliphalet

[General Whittlesey was Assistant Sec. to the Board of Indian Commissioners]

Letter, Board of Indian Commissioners, Wash., Aug. 31, 1876

Notes on content: vouchers for traveling expenses -Widderfield, T.

Letter, Osage Nation (Wazhazhe) Agency, 1 mo. 10, 1875

Encloses check for endorsement -Wiler, A.

Letter, Lyndon, Nov. 6, 1876 -Willemsen, Charles

Letter, St. Louis, Aug. 5, 1875

Says he has no claim against EH for goods bought of CW -Williams, A.C.

4 Letters, Lawrence, Kaw Nation (Kanza) and Wichita Tribe (Kitikiti'sh) Agency, Indian Territory, 2/25/1876 to 8/16/1877 [2 Letters are to Edward F. Hoag]

Notes on content: boarding bill, vouchers, moving the Kickapoo Tribe of Oklahoma (Kiikaapoa) -Wilson, Jonathan

Letter, Muscotah, 12 mo. 14, 1871

Will miss John D. Miles at their Meetings -Young, George L.

Letter, North Topeka, Feb. 3, 1874

Notes on content: L.R. Darling's wife's money

H. M. Atkinson.
Box 1
Scope and Contents

Atkinson, H.M. [Special Indian Commissioner] ca. 11 items [9 Letters, 1 Manuscript Copy of letter and 1 Petition] May 22, 1873 to June 25, 1877 from Washington, D.C.; Brownville, Nebraska; Lawrence, Kansas and other

-Kickapoo Tribe of Oklahoma (Kiikaapoa) moving them from Mexico to Indian Territory

-Financial matters

-Petition from the Kickapoo Tribe of Oklahoma (Kiikaapoa) requesting to know whereabouts of "Mr. Atkinson the Agent who moved us from Mexico here [Indian Territory]"

Cyrus Beede.
Box 1
Scope and Contents

ca. 36 items [Letters, Manuscript Copies, Photocopies, Letterpress copies] 1 mo. 11, 1873 to 7 mo. 5, 1879 from St. Louis, Washington, D.C., Lawrence, Kansas and elsewhere [includes Letter to Andrew C. Williams from CB, 11/8/1873; ALS to A.C. Farnham from CB, 1/8/1875; 2 Letters to Edward F. Hoag from CB, 6/21/1875, 8/18/1876; Letter to F.F. Oakes from CB, 7/19/1875]

-His trips to Washington, D.C. in Letters of 1/15/1873 to 2/10/1873; 12/14/1873 to 5/9/1874 and 1/14/1875 to 2/11/1875 which discuss various meetings with officials [H.R. Clum, Senator Harlan, and others] and of committees, monitoring Indian Agency legislation, reference to investigation of Jonathan Richards' agency, etc.

-"At Lower Agencies in Indian Territory" re: murders supposedly committed by young [Indigenous People], 6/2/1873

-"Regarding purchase of supplies for south western agencies" 6/8/1873

-An escalating quarrel between Arapaho Tribe (Hinono'ei), 5/26/1874

-New England Yearly Meeting, 6/12 and 6/21/1875

-"Regarding liability to savings bank creditors": 7/5/1879

-Financial matters

E.B. French.
Box 1
Scope and Contents

French, E.B. [Auditor in the Treasury Department] ca. 22 items [letters] May 15, 1874 to May 10, 1879 [includes Letter to Joel H. Morris, 12/10/1874; Letter to John Hadley, 11/19/1875; Letter to Edward F. Hoag, 3/10/1876]

Financial matters [note: some of these letters may have accompanied some of the accounts in box 3]

John Hadley.
Box 1
Scope and Contents

Hadley, John ca. 58 items [8 Letters, 50 financial related Manuscripts. (some copies): receipts, accounts, bills, certificates, etc.]

-Letters [9 mo. 15, 1873 to 9 mo. 1, 1876] are addressed to Edward F. Hoag and discuss financial matters [E.F. Hoag is to settle Hadley's accounts with Washington for him]

-Financial papers re: Hadley's accounts while at the Sac Nation (Thakiwaki) and Fox Nation (Meskwaki) Agency

Edward F. Hoag.
Box 1
Scope and Contents

Hoag, Edward F. ca. 30 items [Letters, Letterpress Copies of Letters, Manuscript Copies, financial papers] n.d., 2/2/1875 to 2/17/1883 Letters are addressed to: Enoch Hoag, his mother, sister and other family members; J.N. Watkins; Fred. A. Wann; James W. Campbell; W.J. Buchan; Andrew C. Williams; B.H. Miles; Albert Wiley; Samuel S. Fawcett; John A. Harlan; Dr. J.A. Rhoads; J.D. Ferrill

-Financial matters [attempts to settle some problem accounts with Washington]

Enoch Hoag.
Box 1
Scope and Contents

Hoag, Enoch ca. 79 items [Letters, Manuscripts, and Letterpress copies of letters, contracts, signed affirmations, broadside, financial papers] 1871­-1883

-Primarily financial [attempts to settle accounts with Washington]

-His resignation as Superintendent [letterpress copy, 11/9/1875]

James E. Rhoads.
Box 2
Scope and Contents

Rhoads, James E. ca. 20 items [11 Letters and Photocopies of 9 of them] 4 mo. 22, 1874 to 3 mo. 5, 1879, Quapaw Nation (Ugahxpa) Agency and Germantown, Phila., Pa. [includes 1879 Letter to Edward F. Hoag]

-"Introducing A.B. Mecham and approves of permitting him to travel with two [Modoc Nation (Maklak)] members in the interest of the tribe" 1874

-"Forwarding copy of minutes of Executive Committee accepting resignation, etc." 1875

-"Regarding action of Washington Committee on resignation" 1875

-"Regarding Stanley Pumphrey" 1876

-"Regarding companion for S. Pumphrey also referring to Mattie's [Matilda Sturge?] company with pleasure" 1876

-"Comes to Cincinnati Committee Meeting" 1876

-"Regarding resignation" 1875

-Friendship, Mattie [Matilda Sturge?] at school of Tuttle's [addressed to Edward F. Hoag, 1879]

Jonathan Richards.
Box 2
Scope and Contents

Richards, Jonathan, ca. 1812-­1882 [Agent for the Wichita Tribe (Kitikiti'sh) and affiliated bands from 1870­-1876] ca. 18 items [17 Letters, Manuscripts, Document] 2 mo. 13, 1871 to 12 mo. 3, 1879 from Wichita Tribe (Kitikiti'sh) Agency, Indian Territory and Pennsylvania Hospital, Philadelphia Letters are chiefly addressed to Edward F. Hoag and relate to the settlement of Richards accounts with Washington.

[Note: for additional Richards material, see Manuscript Collection. 964 Jonathan Richards papers, 1870­-1881]

J. Z. Smith.
Box 2
Scope and Contents

Smith, John Q. [John Quincy], 1824­-1901 [Indian Commissioner 1875­-1877] ca. 9 items [Letters, Manuscript Copies of letters] Dec. 13, 1875 to Nov. 29, 1876 [includes Letter, May 22, 1876 to John Hadley; copy of Letter to Wm. Nicholson, No. 29, 1876] Letters are chiefly addressed to Enoch Hoag and are financial in nature

Thomas Wistar, 1798-1876.
Box 2
Scope and Contents

Wistar, Thomas 3 Letters, Fox Chase (Philadelphia), 8/21/1874, 3/13/1875 and Washington, D.C., 10/7/1874 to Enoch Hoag

-Going to see the President on account of the military

-Regarding agents reporting through the Superintendent and solution to present Indian Agency troubles

Failings of (Quaker) Indian agents

Levi Woodard.
Box 2
Scope and Contents

Woodard, Levi [agent at the Sac Nation (Thakiwaki) and Fox Nation (Meskwaki) Agency] ca. 7 items [5 Letters, 2 vouchers] 3 mo. 10, 1876 to 12 mo. 11, 1876 [includes letters to: Wm.. Nicholson, 3/22/1876; Edward F. Hoag, 6/29 and 12/11/1766] Letters are financial in nature and relate to building of schoolhouse for Kickapoo Tribe of Oklahoma (Kiikaapoa), etc.

Account Book, 1869-1875.
Box 2
Scope and Contents

Dates are also 1865-1883 Ledger, "Central Superintendency, Lawrence, Kansas" inscribed on flyleaf chiefly accounts with the various agents, also accounts of mills labored by Kiowa Tribe (Ka'igwu) and Comanche Nation (Numinu) members and accounts with other North American Indigenous groups

Financial papers 1.
Box 2
Scope and Contents

1869-­1874 6 items These are statements of accounts of Enoch Hoag, inscribed on covers as either "Remarks made in the Second Auditor's Office on the cash accounts of Enoch Hoag..." or "Second Auditor's Office, Statement of differences arising in the settlement of accounts of Enoch Hoag..." for different time periods.

Financial papers 2.
Box 2
Scope and Contents

1869-­1876 8 items These are similar to above and are typically labeled "Supplemental answers and explanations to differences arising in the settlement of the accounts of Enoch Hoag.." or "Statement of differences arising on settlement of the Accounts of Enoch Hoag..." Also "Differences arising... accounts of John Hadley..." and "Exceptions of Board of Indian Commissioners [1873]"

Financial papers 3.
Box 2
Scope and Contents

1870-­1874 5 items These are "Remarks by Indian Office" [includes exceptions to cash accounts, etc.] and "Remarks made in the Office of Comm. of Indian Affairs, cash accounts of John Hadley...", "Reply to remarks made in the office of the Committee of Indian Affairs on the cash accounts of Enoch Hoag..."

Financial papers 4.
Box 2
Scope and Contents

1874-­1876 19 items These include:

-A filled ­in report form titled "Quarterly return of public property pertaining to the Wichita Tribe (Kitikiti'sh) Agency, Indian Territory for the 1st Quarter, 1876, by Jonathan Richards Indian Agent. ...."

-14 filled ­in "Abstract of disbursements made by Enoch Hoag Superintendent of Indian Affairs in the Quarter ending 31st 3rd month, 1874, for_________"; numbered 1­14, the last blank for the type of expense covered in the abstract. These are filled­ in as follows: Central Superintendency, Transportation, Kiowa Tribe (Ka'igwu) and Comanche Nation (Numinu) Agency, Upper Arkansas Agency, Citizen Potawatomi Nation (Neshnabek) Agency, Miami Tribe and Delaware Tribe of Indians, & Sac and Fox Nation Agency, Osage Nation (Wazhazhe), Kaw Nation (Kanza) Agency, Quapaw Nation (Ugahxpa) Agency, Wichita Tribe (Kitikiti'sh) Agency, Kickapoo Tribe of Oklahoma (Kiikaapoa) Agency, General Council Indian Territory,

-Also "Explanation sheet to accompany account current...", "Account current.." and "Property account..."

Financial papers 5.
Box 2
Scope and Contents

1870-­1874 18 items These are similar to items in Finanial Papers 4, except they are for 1870­-1871 [2 items] and the 2nd quarter, 1873 [16 items]. Type of expenses covered in the abstracts include:

-For 1870-­1871 the Quapaw Nation Agency, and for 1873 Wichita Tribe and affiliated bands, Account Current, Property account, Central Superintendency, Kiowa Tribe (Ka'igwu) and Comanche Nation (Numinu) Agency, Upper Arkansas Agency, Citizen Potawatomi Nation (Neshnabek) Agency, Miami Tribe and Delaware Tribe of Indians, Sac Nation and Fox Nation Agency and Chippewa Tribe and Munsee (often synonymous with Delaware Tribe of Indians), Osage Nation (Wazhazhe), Quapaw Nation Special Agency and Tribes composing it, Kaw Nation Agency, Wichita Tribe and affiliated bands and Agency, Kickapoo Tribe of Oklahoma (Kiikaapoa) Agency, General Council Indian Territory.

Legal papers 1.
Box 2
Scope and Contents

1873-­1876 2 items:

-"Received at Lawrence, Kansas, 1876, of Enoch Hoag, Superintrndent Indian Affairs the following Patents, certificates of allotment etc. etc." lists names of grantees, etc. for Ottawa Trust Lands, as well as other Native American Tribes and Nations. 10 p., holograph Manuscript Copy

-"Index to [Citizen Potawatomi Nation] Pay Roll payment of 1873" Names arranged alphabetically, ca. 82 p., holograph Manuscript Copy.

Legal papers 2.
Box 2
Scope and Contents

1870-­1877 ca. 29 items [Documents, Manuscript Copies of Documents] Folder contains miscellaneous legal papers: accounts, probate court documents, powers of attorney, letters of guardianship, petitions; also Manuscript Copy of "Declaration of parties in the Quapaw [Nation] Agency of adoption of Discipline of Society of Friends."[1877]

Legal papers 3.
Box 2
Scope and Contents

1872-­1879 ca. 20 items [Documents, Manuscript Copies of Documents] Folder contains miscellaneous legal papers: accounts, petitions, letters of guardianship [for Indigenous minors], receipts.

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