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Children's Seashore House Records


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This is a finding aid. It is a description of archival material held at the Historical Medical Library of The College of Physicians of Philadelphia. Unless otherwise noted, the materials described below are physically available in their reading room, and not digitally available through the web.

Overview and metadata sections

The Children’s Seashore House (CSH) was established in Atlantic City in 1872 as a rehabilitation facility for children. Founded on the belief in the restorative nature of the fresh, seaside air, its establishment was funded by donations from wealthy Philadelphians. During its first year of operation, CSH operated from a converted cottage located at the corner of South Carolina and Pacific Avenues. One year later, in the summer of 1873, CSH moved to Ohio Avenue, also in Atlantic City, and accepted its first 55 young patients. Years ahead of its time, the hospital was the first pediatric rehabilitation hospital in the nation, and established itself as the fourth oldest pediatric hospital in the United States.

In 1873, the Seashore House was incorporated, with James S. Whitney serving as the first president. Dr. William Henry Bennett became physician-in-charge in 1874, where he remained until his death in 1919. Dr. Bennett molded the medical standards, ethics, and policies of the Seashore House, as well as oversaw the construction of additional buildings. From Ohio Avenue, CSH relocated into newly constructed buildings three times: in 1902 to Whitney Hall on the beach block between Richmond and Annapolis avenues, in 1953 to the Roberts Building, constructed on the same site as the Whitney Building, and in 1990, to 34th and Civic Center Boulevard in Philadelphia, at the former site of the Philadelphia General Hospital.

The Seashore House originally took in patients only during the summer months, but began year-round operations in 1909. It primarily served patients from Philadelphia and its suburbs, New Jersey, and Delaware. Through the years, CSH maintained a strong working relationship with the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP). The Children’s Hospital leased a number of beds at CSH and those patients referred by CHOP to CSH were each allowed a two week stay. This relationship between CSH and CHOP, as well as between CSH and the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Medicine, both eventually evolved into more formal partnerships.

Formal training programs at CSH for healthcare professionals began after World War II. Training began in 1949 for members of the healthcare profession in the special needs of children with disabilities. Rotations were set up for pediatric residents for CHOP and orthopedic and physical medicine residents from the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. In 1951, a teaching program for interns from Atlantic City Hospital was added.

Over time, rehabilitation practices at the Children’s Seashore House were greatly affected by three major shifts in thinking in the medical community. The notion of convalescence was dismissed as antiquated, and replaced by modern concepts of short and long term rehabilitation. The emergence of Developmental Pediatrics also increased the quality of care at CSH. This movement placed new emphasis on the educational and psychological needs of children and emphasized children spending more time with their parents.

CSH patients were accepted for admission from infancy to eighteen years of age, and were so regardless of their race, color, place of residence, or financial status. Patients were sent from acute care hospitals in the tri-state are, children with chronic medical, physical, and neurological disorders, burns and other severe injuries.

The Seashore House in Atlantic City closed in 1990 upon the relocation to a brand new facility in Philadelphia. Upon relocating to Philadelphia in 1990, Children’s Seashore House added an academic training focus to its clinical program. CSH then drew on students from the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Nursing, School of Social Work, and School of Medicine.

In 1998, the Children’s Seashore House was acquired by CHOP and remained as a medical care and rehabilitation facility for children with chronic illnesses and severe developmental disabilities. At the time of the merger, the Children’s Seashore House had 77 beds, had admitted more than 700 patients the previous year, and provided outpatient care to 5,000 to 6,000 patients a year. The merger technically made Seashore House a sister institution to the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, as both were subsidiaries of the larger, umbrella non-profit organization, the Children's Hospital Foundation.



(Spring) Rental of small cottage, Pacific and South Carolina Avenues.

(July) Opening of Seashore House, with accommodations for seventeen patients and staff, Dr. Franklin Castle as physician-in-charge.


(February) Incorporation of “The Children’s Seashore House at Atlantic City for Invalid Children,” and receipt of charter from the New Jersey legislature.

(July) Opening of newly constructed building, a three-storied central block flanked by two-storied wings, accommodating about fifty children, on the beach at the seaward end of Ohio Avenue, with Dr. William F. Jenks as physician-in-charge. Appointment of William H. Bennett as physician-in-charge; experimental construction of the first mothers’ cottages, a program subsequently expanded.


Founding by Dr. Bennett of St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children, in Philadelphia, as an outpatient facility, to serve children during the winter season and maintain continuity for the Seashore House staff.


Temporary experiment in year-round operation of Seashore House.


Purchase of new beach-front lot between Annapolis and Richmond Avenues as average daily accommodations reached 200.


Construction and occupancy of new building on Annapolis-Richmond Avenue site, with cottage accommodations for 37 mothers.


Permanent opening of Seashore House on year-round basis, with creation of extension, or “Winter Annex”, accommodating 16 children at a time.


Organization of Children’s Seashore House Fund, to help raise funds for erection of a modern fireproof building.


Death of Dr. Bennett.


Tenure of Edward Z. Holt, M.D. as medical director and major contributor to the evolution of Seashore House from a convalescent institution to a modern pediatric rehabilitation center.


Establishment by Mrs. Bennett of first chair in pediatrics in the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, in memory of Dr. William H. Bennett.


Number of admissions from founding totaling more than 100,000, with patients from 104 institutions in Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey.


In aftermath of September 1944 hurricane, reduction of cottage system, and its gradual elimination.


Receipt of major bequest from estate of Mrs. Mary Disston Roberts, permitting inception of practical planning for new fireproof structure.


Founding of the Children’s Seashore House Auxiliary.


Inception of postgraduate program of training in pediatric rehabilitation: institution of teaching program for Atlantic City Hospital interns; agreement for sharing services of pediatric residents with CHOP, and orthopedic residents with Graduate Hospital and the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania; expansion of Atlantic City Hospital program to include residents.


Opening of new building, at Annapolis and Richmond Avenues; opening of physical therapy unit as gift of Children’s Seashore House Fund.


(April) Dedication of Peter Williamson Roberts Memorial building with capacity for 104 patients.


First full year with all beds filled to capacity, long waiting list, and tri-state representation; initiation of training for professional personnel in social service, physical therapy, and occupational therapy.


Development of comprehensive rehabilitation program; development of inter-institutional affiliations; establishment of division of psychological study.


Opening of Outpatient Treatment Center.


Inception of student nurse training program, with trainees from Atlantic City and Philadelphia areas.

1969 - 1988

Henry S. Cecil, M.D., begins his 20 year career as physician-in-chief and chief executive officer of CSH.


Inception of fellowship training in child development and chronic illness, in collaboration with CHOP.


Formal affiliation with University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, securing faculty appointments for all full-time senior clinical staff.


Centennial observance of Children’s Seashore House at Atlantic City.


Children’s Seashore House makes proposal to open a 12-bed unit at the newly built Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia; later expands to 26 beds by 1989.


Philadelphia General Hospital closes; the city was looking for uses of the property, adjacent to CHOP and University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine and Hospital; Children’s Seashore House engaged in a series of talks with representatives from these organizations and an agreement was reached to develop the medical center known as the Philadelphia Center for Health Care Sciences.


Dr. Henry Cecil, M.D., physician-in-chief, negotiates contract for CSH to manage the Division of Child Development and Rehabilitation at CHOP.


(January) Groundbreaking for new state-of-the-art facility in Philadelphia to accommodate 70 beds.

Dr. Cecil retires and Mark L. Batshaw, M.D., is appointed physician-in-chief. Batshaw develops the hospital's academic program to include research, clinical care, teaching, and training.


Relocation of the Children's Seashore House inpatient services to the new state-of-the-art 70 bed hospital in Philadelphia.


(May) 125th anniversary celebration held at the Atlantic City Historical Museum.


Children’s Seashore House acquired by Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

The Children’s Seashore House Records are the institutional records of the Atlantic City based pediatric rehabilitation center from its establishment in 1872, through its move to Philadelphia in 1990, and its merger with the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia in July of 1998. The collection consists of 20 boxes, as well as books, bound volumes, and one oil painting of William H. Bennett, M.D. The records begin in the same year as the founding of the Seashore House, yet much of this early documentation exists as photocopies. The materials have been arranged into six series: “Administration,” “Correspondence,” “Departments,” “Press/Clippings,” “Registries/Bound Volumes,” and “Images.”

The bulk of the records are concentrated within the thirty year time span of 1965 to 1995. Primary types of materials include:

Photographs. Photographs of patients and staff were taken generously throughout the Seashore House's history. There are also many images of the construction of the new West Philadelphia building from the late 1980’s through to its completion in 1990. Many photographs were used in public relations material. Within the “Images” series, there are a great number of 35 mm slides and film negatives. Many duplicate images can be found within the “Prints,” “Slides,” and “Negatives” subseries.

Bound volumes. Materials from the late 19th to the early 20th century are almost exclusively in the form of bound volumes. These volumes consist of Annual Reports, and Patient and Visitor Registries. The Annual Reports are the most complete part of the "Volumes" series, with most of the 125 years included. As all of the volumes are fragile to a degree, folder stock enclosures have been made to protect them.

Public Relations materials. Documents originating from the Public Relations department are plentiful and consist of booklets, brochures, and newsletters. These materials begin in the early 1960s and stretch into the end of the 1990’s.


Ditmar, Mark F., M.D. "Requiem for a Hospital." Pediatrics 88(2), August 1991. Goddard Rhoads, Katherine E. M.D., "Children's Seashore House: In Perspective 1872-1994." 1994. Children's Seashore House. "Children's Seashore House: The First Century, Founded 1872, Chartered 1873" pamphlet. 1973.

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Collection Inventory

Series Description

The Administration series contains the bulk of the documents, with the highest volume of records spanning from the 1960s through the 1980s. This series includes many financial reports and information, as well as the annual reports, which have the most consistency of any subgroup in the document records. Annual reports from 1873-1937 are included, as well as nearly every report from 1945-75, and then finishing with a run from 1990-97, missing two years within. The Administration series is the largest of the textual series, with a bulk of the records coming from the Board of Managers and Public Relations subgroups. Public Relations includes a vast array of hospital publications, brochures, literature, and the like, most of which was published in the 1980s and 1990s. Annual reports after 1973 were kept in the Board of Managers subgroup for consistency, but other documents were filed in the separate Board of Trustees subgroup.

The Administration series is broken into two subseries. The Board of Managers subseries consists of annual reports, Board information, budgets, charters and by-laws, contracts, evaluative reports, Finance Committee reports, and publications. The annual reports are mostly continuous starting from 1873 all the way through to 1997, with a few missing years in between. Early annual reports, from 1873-1936, are contained in bound volumes, arranged separately from the other records in this series. Annual reports after 1936 are contained in booklets, which have been filed within boxes. Business and financial reports are primarily from the 1960s and early 1970s, on a range of subjects. Subseries A is further broken down into three subgroups, all of which are arranged chronologically.

(The Board of Managers subseries also includes files of the Board of Trustees. The Board of Managers was renamed the Board of Trustees sometime in 1972-73. Since there are only a handful of documents after that date, a separate subseries was not created.)

The Public Relations subseries is primarily consistent of publications of all forms: booklets, brochures, invitations, newsletters, pamphlets, post cards, etc. These are arranged chronologically.

Physical Description

3.0 boxes

Finance Committee - Bank Agreement - Fidelity Bank, 1943 July 27.
Box 1 Folder 1
Report on the Children's Seashore House at Atlantic City for Invalid Children - C. Rufus Roam, Ph.D., C.P.A., 1949 March 8.
Box 1 Folder 2
Report of the Committee to Evaluate the Program of the Children's Seashore House, 1963, 1997.
Box 1 Folder 3
Food Service Management Agreement with Linton Food Services, 1966, 1968.
Box 1 Folder 4
A Plan for Improving Cost Accounting and Reporting Procedures - Price Waterhouse & Co., 1968 April.
Box 1 Folder 5
Finance Committee - Appraisal Report by American Appraisal Company, 1968 June 30.
Box 1 Folder 6
Finance Committee - The Foote System (Fundraising), 1968-1969.
Box 1 Folder 7
Statement of Endowment Funds, 1969 December 31.
Box 1 Folder 8
Pension Committee - Plan for Employees' Pensions - Actuarial Report - Huggins & Company, Inc., 1 January 1970.
Box 1 Folder 9
Contract with Board of Education of Atlantic City, 1970 June 1.
Box 1 Folder 10
Financial Report for Fiscal Year Ended, 30 June 1970.
Box 1 Folder 11
Finance Committee - Statement of Assets, 1970 June 30.
Box 1 Folder 12
Budget of Income and Expense for Year, 1971 June 30.
Box 1 Folder 13
Affiliation Agreement between Children's Seashore House and the Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania, 1971 September 24.
Box 1 Folder 14
Contract with Longport, NJ Board of Education, 1972.
Box 1 Folder 15
CSH Reincorporation Charter and Revised By-Laws (Board of Trustees), 1974 May 16.
Box 1 Folder 16
Five Year Long Range Plan, 1982 June 25.
Box 1 Folder 17
1. 1910, 1910.
Box 1 Folder 18
2. 1937, 1942, 1945-48, 1937-1948.
Box 1 Folder 19
3. 1950/51-1954/55, 1950-1955.
Box 1 Folder 20
4. 1955/56-1959/60, 1955-1960.
Box 2 Folder 1
5. 1961/62-1962/63, 1965, 1961-1965.
Box 2 Folder 2
6. 1965/66, 1969, 1965-1969.
Box 2 Folder 3
7. 1970/71, 1970-1971.
Box 2 Folder 4
8. 1971/72, 1971-1972.
Box 2 Folder 5
9. 1973-75, 1979, 1973-1979.
Box 2 Folder 6
10. 1981/82, 1981-1982.
Box 2 Folder 7
11. 1990/91, 1990-1991.
Box 2 Folder 8
12. 1992, 1992.
Box 2 Folder 9
13. 1993, 1993.
Box 2 Folder 10
14. 1995, 1995.
Box 2 Folder 11
15. 1997, 1997.
Box 2 Folder 12
"Children of Yesterday, Heirs of Tomorrow", Circa 1938.
Box 2 Folder 13
Charter and By-Laws of the CSH at Atlantic City for Invalid Children booklets, 1942, 1961.
Box 2 Folder 14
"Children's Seashore House at Atlantic City: Its First Seventy-Five Years 1872-1947," with notes to track down relatives of past Board members, 1947.
Box 2 Folder 15
Draft of the Charters and By-Laws of the CSH, Circa 1961.
Box 2 Folder 16
Goddard Rhoads, Katherine E. M.D., "Children's Seashore House: In Perspective 1872-1994", 1994.
Box 2 Folder 17
Accounting Program, 1968.
Box 2 Folder 18
Trust Funds, Circa 1969.
Box 2 Folder 19
Insurance Information, Circa 1970.
Box 2 Folder 20
Legal Counsel, Circa 1970.
Box 2 Folder 21
Contact Information of Board Members, 1970-1971.
Box 2 Folder 22
Auditors, Circa 1970.
Box 2 Folder 23
CSH Information booklet, Circa 1965.
Box 3 Folder 1
Solicitation Brochures, Circa 1965.
Box 3 Folder 2
"Looking at the Children's Seashore House" - produced by Linton Food Services, Circa 1970.
Box 3 Folder 3
"Children's Seashore House: The First Century, Founded 1872, Chartered 1873" pamphlet, 1973.
Box 3 Folder 4
CSH: The Philadelphia Annex at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia booklet, Circa 1976.
Box 3 Folder 5
"Over 100 Years of Service to Children" newsletters, Circa 1980-1990.
Box 3 Folder 6
Event Invitations, 1981 October - 1996 March.
Box 3 Folder 7
"Speaker of the House" Newsletter, 1983 February - 1990 December.
Box 3 Folder 8
"Welcome to Children's Seashore House" booklet, Circa 1985.
Box 3 Folder 9
Patient/Parent Satisfaction Surveys, Circa 1985-1990.
Box 3 Folder 10
Development Office - Family Resource Center and Wills brochures, 1987-1992.
Box 3 Folder 11
Ground Breaking Ceremony - Information pamphlet, 1988.
Box 3 Folder 12
"Planning Ahead" Newsletter, 1989 July - 1990 September.
Box 3 Folder 13
Press Release on CSH Relocation to Philadelphia, chronology of CSH history from 1972-1990, 1990.
Box 3 Folder 14
"Report from Children's Seashore House" Newsletter, 1990 Summer - 1991 Spring.
Box 3 Folder 15
CSH Fact Sheet, Speaker's Bureau & Child Development ADHD Program information, Circa 1990.
Box 3 Folder 16
CSH PR Color Brochure, Circa 1990.
Box 3 Folder 17
CSH Referrals Brochure, Circa 1990.
Box 3 Folder 18
PR Children's Seashore Chronology, History 1873-1990.
Box 3 Folder 19
Time Capsule - Board Members' notes of recollection for CSH in Atlantic City, 1991-1992.
Box 3 Folder 20
Child Development Center - Newsletter - Winter 1992, 1992.
Box 3 Folder 21
"House Call" biweekly staff newsletter, 1994-1998.
Box 3 Folder 22
125th Anniversary research - Genealogy of CSH Charter signers/trustees, 1997.
Box 3 Folder 23
PR Event Ground Breaking Ceremony and Reception, 20 June 1998.
Box 3 Folder 24
Postcards and Thank You cards, undated.
Box 3 Folder 25
General Information brochures, undated.
Box 3 Folder 26

Series Description

The “Correspondence” series contains incoming and outgoing letters, memos, and postcards. Correspondents include Seashore House staff and patients, as well as external businesses. Most prominently represented in this series are communications from CSH executives and physicians, such as William H. Bennett, M.D. (physician-in-charge, 1874-1919), Henry S. Cecil, M.D. (physician-in-charge, 19XX-1990), J. Shipley Newlin (founder), and Richard W. Shepherd (executive).

Other notable correspondence includes the following folders: Annette Altschuler, John Richard Lang, and Anna Montana. These three folders include letters regarding medical history requests of former Seashore House patients from the U.S. Army during World War II. This series is arranged alphabetically by last name.

Physical Description

1.0 Box

Altschuler, Annette, 1944.
Box 4 Folder 1
Beatty, Edward F., 1982-1989.
Box 4 Folder 2
Bennett, William Henry, M.D., 1872-1910.
Box 4 Folder 3
Bonnem, Shirley, 1986-1990.
Box 4 Folder 4
Cecil, Henry S., M.D., 1986-1996.
Box 4 Folder 5
Cecil, Henry S., M.D. - William T. Grant Company stock, 1965-1975.
Box 4 Folder 6
Children's Seashore House w/ World War II Soldiers/Families - Medical History, 1943-1946.
Box 4 Folder 7
Cuddy, John, 1997.
Box 4 Folder 8
Erisoty, Steven B., 1990.
Box 4 Folder 9
Geddes Brecher Qualls Cunningham, Architects, 1990.
Box 4 Folder 10
Harvey, Madeline J., 1980.
Box 4 Folder 11
Hayward, James P., undated.
Box 4 Folder 12
Lang, John Richard, 1943 December.
Box 4 Folder 13
Mitchell Associates, 1990.
Montana, Anna, 1946 February.
Box 4 Folder 15
Murdoch, Lawrence C., 1995.
Box 4 Folder 16
Newlin, J. Shipley, 1874-1875.
Box 4 Folder 17
Postcards, 1911-1924.
Box 4 Folder 18
Raughley, Morgan, 1969-1970.
Box 4 Folder 19
Rivest, Jeffrey A., 1997-1998.
Box 4 Folder 20
Shepherd, Richard W., 1980-1994.
Box 4 Folder 21
Vandegrift, Harvey N., M.D., 1951-1952.
Box 4 Folder 22
Whitney, James S., 1875.
Box 4 Folder 23

Series Description

The Departments series includes seven subseries to reflect the organization of the Children's Seashore House. The subseries include "Auxiliary," "Clinical," "Division of Child Development and Rehabilitation," "Gait Laboratory," "Nursing," "Outpatient Services," and "Social Work." The bulk of the series is captured within the first two subseries. Both of these subseries primarily consist of publications. Materials of note in the "Clinical" subseries consist of patient admission applications from 1897 and 1910. The remaining five subseries mostly consist of information brochures meant for the public. Within these subseries, documents are organized chronologically.

Physical Description

1.0 Box

Invitation from Ladies Auxiliary Committe, 1910 August.
Box 5 Folder 1
Membership Lists - Auxiliary, 1956-1992.
Box 5 Folder 2
"Inside the House": CSH Auxiliary newsletter, 1982-1984.
Box 5 Folder 3
125th Anniversary Commemorative - "Children's Seashore House: The house built on caring and healing", 1998.
Box 5 Folder 4
Patient Admission Applications, 1897-1907.
Box 5 Folder 5
Application for Admission, Circa 1970.
Box 5 Folder 6
Medical & Dental Staff at CSH, Circa 1970.
Box 5 Folder 7
Sports Medicine brochure, Circa 1975.
Box 5 Folder 8
Communication Technology Center brochure, Circa 1980.
Box 5 Folder 9
"Clinical Briefs", 1985 December - 1987 July.
Box 5 Folder 10
Spina Bifida Program booklet, Circa 1985.
Box 5 Folder 11
"Pediatric Rheumatology Newsletter", 1988-1990.
Box 5 Folder 12
Patient Parent Handbook, Circa 1995.
Box 5 Folder 13
Program and Services Directory, Circa 1995.
Box 5 Folder 14
Kurtz LA. Dowrick PW, Levy SE, Batshaw ML, "Handbook of Developmental Disabilities: Resources for Interdisciplinary Care.", 1996.
Box 5 Folder 15
Attention-deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: Evaluation and Treatment Program brochure, undated.
Box 5 Folder 16
Child Development Clinic brochure, undated.
Box 5 Folder 17
Neonatal Intermediate Care Program brochure, undated.
Box 5 Folder 18
Therapeutic Recreation brochure, undated.
Box 5 Folder 19
Publications - Booklets and brochure, 1979 - Circa 1990.
Box 5 Folder 20
Publications - Brochures, 1989.
Box 5 Folder 21
Self-Care Management Program brochure, undated.
Box 5 Folder 22
Publications - Booklets and brochure, undated.
Box 5 Folder 23
Publications - "Family Matters" Newsletter, 1991 February.
Box 5 Folder 24

Series Description

The Press series is divided into two subseries: “Clippings” and “Articles and Book Chapters.” The Clippings subseries includes local news coverage of the patients, staff, and expansion of the Children’s Seashore House. Most of the clippings are original copies, dating back to the 1920s. Also included are Xeroxed copies and novelty reprints. Events of note covered by the “Clippings” subseries include President Nixon's visit in 1971 and the closing of the Seashore House in Atlantic City in 1990 and move to Philadelphia. The subseries is arranged chronologically.

Subseries B, “Articles and Book Chapters,” contains historical information about Atlantic City and the Children’s Seashore House. These materials exist as photocopies of the original journal articles or book excerpts. The subseries is organized alphabetically by author’s last name.

Physical Description

1.0 Box

Newspaper Clipping - Novelty reprint of 1874 article, 1874.
Box 6 Folder 1
Newspaper Clippings, 1920-1939.
Box 6 Folder 2
Newspaper Clippings, 1950-1955.
Box 6 Folder 3
Newspaper Clippings, 1960-1967.
Box 6 Folder 4
Scrapbook Collection - Newspaper Clippings, includes clippings of President Nixon's visit in 1971, 1967-1971.
Box 6 Folder 5
German Measles (Rubella) Press Information Kit [Corresponds with photographs in Images series], 1969 June.
Box 6 Folder 6
Newspaper Clippings - 1970s [Includes photo of President Nixon's visit in 1971], 1971-1974.
Box 6 Folder 7
Children's Hospital Notes - Quarterly Bulletin from CHOP, 1971 January.
Box 6 Folder 8
Newspaper Clippings, 1980-1989.
Box 6 Folder 9
Bennett, W.H. - Articles in The Bridge and Germantown Crier: The Bridge - A Newsletter of the Executive Council of Auxiliaries - St. Christopher's Hospital for Children - October 1984 - No. 24: The Bridge - A Newsletter of the Executive Council of Auxiliaries - St. Christopher's Hospital for Children - October 1984 - No. 24: Upon the 100-year anniversary of the hospital, the article describes Bennett's role in helping to found St. Christopher's in Philadelphia in 1884. Upon the 100-year anniversary of the hospital, the article describes Bennett's role in helping to found St. Christopher's in Philadelphia in 1884., 1984-1986.
Box 6 Folder 10
Van Meter, Jonathan. "Making Waves: Newsmaker: Madeline Harvey." Atlantic City magazine, April 1986, April 1986.
Box 6 Folder 11
Newspaper Clippings (includes many articles about the CSH move from AC to Philadelphia in 1990), 1990-1998.
Box 6 Folder 12
Newspaper Clippings, undated.
Box 6 Folder 13
Bennett, William H., M.D. "St. Christopher's Hospital for Children," Founders' Week Memorial Volume, 1909.
Box 6 Folder 14
Ditmar, Mark F., M.D. "Requiem for a Hospital." Pediatrics 88(2), August 1991 (Copy of rough draft included), August 1991.
Box 6 Folder 15
English, A.L. "History of Atlantic City.", August 1884.
Box 6 Folder 16
Funnell, Charles E. "By the Beautiful Sea: The Rise and High Times of That Great American Resort, Atlantic City.", 1975.
Box 6 Folder 17
Hoopes, Isabel L. "The Della Robbia Bambini.", December 1925.
Box 6 Folder 18
Ivens, Kathy. "Seashore in West Philadelphia." Focus, 17 August 1988.
Box 6 Folder 19
McMahon, William. "So Young...So Gay!", 1970.
Box 6 Folder 20
Miller, D.J. Milton, M.D. "Memoir of Dr. William Henry Bennett.", 1920.
Box 6 Folder 21

Series Description

The “Registries and Bound Volumes” series consists almost entirely of patient registers spanning 1901 to 1982. The majority are from the first half of the twentieth century. Of note in this series are patient registers, these give detailed information on children admitted, such as names, addresses, ailments, and condition. Also included are notes as to when the children were discharged or, in rare circumstances, the date of death.

Due to the age of these volumes, many of them have preservation issues; the bindings and covers are coming apart, and a few of the books have red rot. These volumes have all been placed in folder stock enclosures. This series is organized chronologically.

Please refer to the “Administration” series for the annual reports from 1873-1936, which are also bound volumes enclosed in card stock.

Physical Description

25.0 volumes

Guest Book from CSH Event, 1982 November 18.
Box 6 Folder 22
Daily Census Book, 1990.
Box 6 Folder 23
Page from Patient Register, undated.
Box 6 Folder 24
Admissions and Discharges, 1977-1979.
Annual Reports, 1873-1897.
Annual Reports, 1898-1914.
Annual Reports, 1909-1918.
Annual Reports, 1919-1924.
Annual Reports, 1925-1930.
Annual Reports, 1931-1936.
Memorial Gifts to the Children's Seashore House, 1872-1953.
Memorial Gifts to the Children's Seashore House, 1953-1970.
Patient Register - Cottages, 1901-1904.
Patient Register - Cottages, 1915-1919.
Patient Register - Cottages, 1920-1924.
Patient Register - Cottages, June 1925 - July 1930.
Patient Register - Cottages, 1930 July - 1935 July.
Patient Register - Cottages, 1940-1948.
Patient Register, 1874-1877.
Patient Register, 1924-1931.
Patient Register, 1931-1937.
Patient Register, 1938-1946.
Patient Register, 1947-1965.
Patient Register, 7/7/1979 - 4/13/1982.
Report of the Children's Seashore House, 1898-1914.
Visitor's Register, 1909-1938.
Visitor's Register.
Visitor's Register, 11/21/1966 - 6/18/1968.

Series Description

The “Images” series consists of five subseries: “Prints,” “Slides,” “Negatives,” “Contact Sheets,” and “Framed Items.” Within the “Prints” subseries, there are four sub-subseries: “People,” “Events,” “Departments,” and “Buildings.” Within these groups, there are several focal points of coverage. These include black and white shots of patients from the 1930’s to 1940’s and the 1960’s to the 1980’s. Most of these patient portraits were used for public relations purposes. Within the “Events” sub-subseries, the bulk are from the 1980’s. These photographs capture the children of the Seashore House enjoying such events as banquets, parties, and trips. Also included are visits from notable athletes, celebrities, and politicians, such as Eric Lindros, Willie Mays, Tug McGraw, Ed Rendell, and Mike Tyson. Within the “Buildings” sub-subseries, there is extensive coverage of the late 1980’s construction of the new Children’s Seashore House facility located on the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s campus at 34th Street and Civic Center Boulevard. The “Prints” subseries is organized chronologically.

Within the “Slides,” “Negatives,” and “Contact Sheets,” there are duplicate copies from the “Prints” subseries, as well as unique images. Where information is available, these have been arranged chronologically. The last subseries, "Framed Items," consists of one oil painting of William H. Bennett, M.D., who became physician-in-charge in 1874, and molded the medical standards, ethics, and policies of the Seashore House. Also in this subseries is a series of commemorative event and donor plaques.

Physical Description

14.0 boxes

Patients in the Seashore House, Circa 1900 - 1939.
Box 7 Folder 1
Boy in cart with horse, Circa 1910.
Box 7 Folder 2
Horse and buggy drive, 1920.
Box 7 Folder 3
Three boys, two in wagon, on the Boardwalk, Circa 1920.
Box 7 Folder 4
Two girls in wood raft at Atlantic City beach, Circa 1920.
Box 7 Folder 5
Posed group photographs of staff and patients, 1924-1940.
Box 7 Folder 6
Three children on porch beds, Circa 1930.
Box 7 Folder 7
Vincent Montana, Jr., 1934.
Box 7 Folder 8
Patients posing with Christmas gifts; "Rough Proofs", Circa 1940.
Box 7 Folder 9
Helen Boehm nee Blake & Blanche, 1955-1956.
Box 7 Folder 10
Patients in various activities - Publicity photos, 1965-1973.
Box 7 Folder 11
Patients and staff on CSH playground, 1966-1968.
Box 7 Folder 12
Patients in various activities with staff, 1968-1979.
Box 7 Folder 13
Patients with staff - Pre-school, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Social Work, 1968-1979.
Box 7 Folder 14
Hess Photography - Patients in various activities, 1970.
Box 7 Folder 15
Patient and staff photos, by W.A. Hope, 1972.
Box 7 Folder 16
Patients in various activities - used by The Foote System - 1 of 4, 1974.
Box 7 Folder 17
Patients in various activities - used by The Foote System - 2 of 4, 1974.
Box 7 Folder 18
Patients in various activities - used by The Foote System - 3 of 4, 1974.
Box 7 Folder 19
Patients in various activities - used by The Foote System - 4 of 4, 1974.
Box 7 Folder 20
Patients at play, photos for publication, Circa 1975 - 1980.
Box 8 Folder 1
Patients, Trip to the Philadelphia Zoo, photo pages taken from scrapbook, circa 1975.
Box 8 Folder 2
Patient therapy sessions - Speech & Physical, Circa 1975 - 1985.
Box 8 Folder 3
Patient shots by the Foote System, PR Firm, 1977-1980.
Box 8 Folder 4
Patient named Berlin, 1979.
Box 8 Folder 5
Individual Patient Shots including Brian Wagner, Circa 1980 to 1989.
Box 8 Folder 6
Patients Playing "Spin to Win" Game, Circa 1980's.
Patients at Communication Technology Center, 1984.
Box 8 Folder 8
Patient Carla Cromley, 1984.
Box 8 Folder 9
Patient Zafir Bizzell, 1985 September.
Box 8 Folder 10
Patients at CSH playground with staff, 1988 March 30.
Box 8 Folder 11
Nurse with child patient in therapy, 1989 April.
Box 8 Folder 12
Outpatient photos for 100 Years Newsletter, circa 1989 August.
Box 8 Folder 13
Patient "Brian", 1989 December 11.
Box 8 Folder 14
Patient Portraits, Circa 1990 to 1999.
Box 8 Folder 15
Junior National Wheelchair Games, Orlando Florida, 1992.
Box 8 Folder 16
Patients in wheelchairs, 1993, undated.
Box 9 Folder 1
Delaware Wheelchair Games, undated.
Box 9 Folder 2
Severely burned child, undated.
Box 9 Folder 3
Unidentified Patients, undated.
Box 9 Folder 4
Nurses with Del Robbia, Circa 1930.
Box 9 Folder 5
Staff with Children, 1930-1970.
Box 9 Folder 6
Doctors- Rubella (German Measles) Vaccine Development, Merck Pharmaceuticals, 1969.
Box 9 Folder 7
Nurse Eileen Goldstein, RN, Circa 1969.
Box 9 Folder 8
Barbara Innes, President of CSH Auxilliary, 1981.
Box 9 Folder 9
Donors, 1986 - 1997, undated.
Box 9 Folder 10
Marilyn J. Harvey, Public Relations Director of CSH, 1988, undated.
Box 9 Folder 11
Donors posed with patient boy, August 1989.
Box 9 Folder 12
Staff, Ambrosino, Belchic, Giles (possilbe Psychiatric Nurses), Circa 1990.
Box 9 Folder 13
Doctors, Donors, Staff, Unknown, 1993,, undated.
Box 9 Folder 14
Henry Cecil, M.D., undated.
Box 9 Folder 15
Edward B. Charney, undated.
Box 9 Folder 16
Mary Haynie, Volunteer Services, undated.
Box 9 Folder 17
Doctor Mace or Mauro just outside his office, undated.
Box 9 Folder 18
Mark Batshaw, M.D., undated.
Box 9 Folder 19
Edward "Ted" Beatty, Jr., Administrator, undated.
Box 9 Folder 20
Doris DeAngelis, RN, undated.
Box 9 Folder 21
Physical Therapy, 1930- 1960, 1988.
Box 9 Folder 22
Outpatient Department, 1980 July.
Box 9 Folder 23
Summer Programs, 1988, undated.
Box 9 Folder 24
Child Development Programs, undated.
Box 9 Folder 25
Safe Baby Program, undated.
Box 9 Folder 26
Gait Lab Elwyn Open House, undated.
Box 9 Folder 27
Art Therapy, undated.
Box 9 Folder 28
Phillie Phanatic, 1980 July.
Box 9 Folder 29
Frank Lautenberg: U.S. Senator from NJ, 1985 July.
Box 9 Folder 30
Mike Tyson, Late 1980s.
Box 9 Folder 31
Willie Mays and Tug McGraw, 1986 March 11.
Box 9 Folder 32
Wrestlers: Unidentified Pro wrestlers, 1988.
Box 9 Folder 33
Gilda Campbell: Miss Senior America 1988, 1988 November 1.
Box 9 Folder 34
Actors Elliott Gould and Carol Kane, 1988 November 11.
Box 9 Folder 35
American Gladiators, 1992 May 2.
Box 9 Folder 36
Ed Rendell: Mayor of Philadelphia, Opening of the CSH outdoor playgrounds, 1994.
Box 9 Folder 37
Philadelphia 76ers: Shawn Bradley, 1995 May 24.
Box 9 Folder 38
Philadelphia Phillies: Heathcliff Slocum (1995), Curt Schilling, Rex Hudler and Mike Lieberthal (1997) and Ruben Amaro and Mike Lieberthal (1998), 1995-1998.
Box 9 Folder 39
Chaka Fattah: U.S. Congressman from PA, Circa 1995.
Box 9 Folder 40
Vincent Hughes: PA State Senator, District 7, Circa 1995.
Box 9 Folder 41
Harold James: PA State Representative, 186th District, Circa 1995.
Box 9 Folder 42
Dennis O'Brien: PA State Representative, District 169, Circa 1995.
Box 10 Folder 1
Allyson Schwartz: PA State Senator: National Nurses Week, Circa 1995.
Box 10 Folder 2
Mark Schweiker: PA Lieutenant Governor, Circa 1995.
Box 10 Folder 3
John Taylor: PA State Representative, Circa 1995.
Box 10 Folder 4
Richard A. Tilghman: PA State Senator, Circa 1995.
Box 10 Folder 5
Philadelphia Eagles: Kevin Turner, Circa 1995.
Box 10 Folder 6
Philadelphia Phillies: Toby Borland, Ricky Bottalico and Russ Springer, 1996 September 3.
Box 10 Folder 7
Philadelphia Kixx: MISL Indoor Soccer team, 1996 October.
Box 10 Folder 8
Eric Lindros: Philadelphia Flyers, 1997 December 22.
Box 10 Folder 9
Bobby Riggs: Tennis player, undated.
Box 10 Folder 10
People at Atlantic City beach, Early 1900s.
Box 10 Folder 11
Pier Day, Circa 1960.
Box 10 Folder 12
Atlantic City Fire Dept. demonstration of Patent Rescue, Circa 1965.
Box 10 Folder 13
Talent Show, 1966 February.
Box 10 Folder 14
McDonald's Party, National Governors Conference at Resorts International, Atlantic City, 1981 August 11.
Box 10 Folder 15
Charity Softball Game with Mickey Gilley, Musician, 1983 June.
Box 10 Folder 16
Employee Service Awards Dinner, Employee Appreciation Day, 1985 March, 1985 May.
Box 10 Folder 17
Carnival held at CSH for Patients, 1985 August.
Box 10 Folder 18
Banquet: Board of Trustees and Staff: Dr. Mark Batshaw, Dr. Henry Cecil, Katherine Goddard, and Richard Shepherd pictured, Circa 1980 - 1985.
Box 10 Folder 19
Patients Outings: Summer of 1986: Disney World, Fishing Trip, 1986 May to 1986 August.
Box 10 Folder 20
Christmas photos with Santa, Circa 1986.
Box 10 Folder 21
Employee Appreciation Day, 1987 September.
Box 10 Folder 22
"City Lights" at Trump Castle, Circa 1987.
Box 10 Folder 23
Patient Egg Hunt, Easter, 1988 April.
Box 10 Folder 24
CSH kids at Variety Picnic on Playground, 1988 August 13.
Box 10 Folder 25
Board Dinner, 1988 September 16.
Box 10 Folder 26
Ladies Auxiliary Events, 1988 October.
Box 10 Folder 27
Patient Halloween Party, 1988 October.
Box 10 Folder 28
Holiday Parties: Outpatient, Inpatient, and Staff, 1988 December.
Box 10 Folder 29
Auxiliary Luncheon and Fashion Show, 1989-1990.
Box 11 Folder 1
New Jersey State Federation of Women's Clubs, 1989 January.
Box 11 Folder 12
Employee Appreciation Day, 1989 May.
Box 11 Folder 3
Nurse Appreciation Day, 1989 May 4.
Patient Beach Outing, 1989 August.
Box 11 Folder 5
Employee Picnic and Boat Outing, 1989 September.
Pony Rides, 1989 November 22.
Patient, Staff and Volunteer Holiday Events at CSH, 1989 December.
Box 11 Folder 8
Patient Trip to Sesame Place in Langhorne PA, Late 1980's.
Box 11 Folder 9
Women's Charity League Events, Late 1980's.
Box 11 Folder 10
Wilmington Blue Rocks baseball game, Circa 1990 to 1999.
Box 11 Folder 11
Nurse Appreciation Day Luncheon, 1990.
Box 11 Folder 12
Employee Awards Dinner, 1990 March.
Box 11 Folder 13
Staff and Patient Halloween Party, 1990 October.
Box 11 Folder 14
Employee Appreciation Event, Circa 1991.
Box 11 Folder 15
Golf tournament: Staff event, 1993.
Box 11 Folder 16
Art Show Dinner Dance, 1994.
Box 11 Folder 17
Masquerade Staff Party, Circa 1994.
Box 11 Folder 18
Halloween Parties, 1996-1997.
Box 11 Folder 19
"Family Reunion": Dr. Henry Cecil, Katherine Goddard, Madeline Harvey, and Richard Shepherd pictured, 1997 August 23.
Box 11 Folder 20
Charlie Prose Pro-Am Golf Tournament, 1997 September.
Box 11 Folder 21
125th Reunion, Circa 1997-1998.
Box 11 Folder 22
Holiday Nurse Staff Party, undated.
Box 11 Folder 23
Whitney Hall, CSH Second Building, View from Street, circa 1930.
Box 12 Folder 1
Postcard Renderings of Whitney Hall, CSH Second Building, Between 1930 and 1951.
Box 12 Folder 2
Hurricaine of 1944, CSH Exterior Shots, Before and After, 1944 September.
Box 12 Folder 3
Interior and Exterior Shots of third and final CSH building in AC, Peter Williamson Roberts Building, located at 4100 Atlantic Avenue, 1952, undated.
Box 12 Folder 4
CSH Playground in the snow, 1969.
Box 12 Folder 5
Interior Building shots, 1972.
Box 12 Folder 6
Exterior Shots taken of third building in 1980's, 1980-1989.
Box 12 Folder 7
Construction of CSH in Philadelphia, 1988 May.
Box 12 Folder 8
Construction and Architectural Renderings of CSH in Philadelphia, 1989-1990.
Box 12 Folder 9
Interior of CSH in Philadelphia, Circa 1990.
Box 12 Folder 10
CSH Outpatient Center in construction at 35 S. Annapolis Ave., Atlantic City, NJ, 1990 February 6.
Box 12 Folder 11
Outpatient Center in Atlantic City, prints and sketches, Circa 1992.
Box 12 Folder 12
Original Children's Seashore House: Built in 1873: Illustrations, undated.
Box 12 Folder 13
Reproduction of Drawing of Whitney Hall - Children's Seashore House in Atlantic City, 1902-1951, undated.
Box 12 Folder 14
"Unpeopled Exteriors and Interiors, Day and Night", undated.
Box 13 Folder 1
Patient (Katie) with CSH Staff, undated.
Box 13 Folder 2
Levy Clinic, undated.
Box 13 Folder 3
Splint Room and Speech Department, undated.
Box 13 Folder 4
Kitchen, undated.
Box 13 Folder 5
Administrator: Richard Shepherd, undated.
Box 13 Folder 6
Physical Therapy/Occupational Therapy, undated.
Box 13 Folder 7
Blood Draw (Donnie), undated.
Box 13 Folder 8
"Trims", undated.
Box 13 Folder 9
People, undated.
Box 13 Folder 10
People, undated.
Box 999 Folder 1
People, undadte.
Box 14 Folder 2
"Smiles", undated.
Box 14 Folder 3
Feeding, undated.
Box 14 Folder 4
Play, undated.
Box 14 Folder 5
"Miscellaneous Shots Interior and Exterior", 1986, undated.
Box 14 Folder 6
Patients with Staff, 1986.
Box 14 Folder 7
Art, 1986.
Box 14 Folder 9
Patients with Staff, 1986.
Box 15 Folder 1
Patients with Staff, 1986.
Box 15 Folder 2
PR Presentation to the Board of Trustees, 1986.
Box 15 Folder 3
PR Presentation, c.1986.
Box 16 Folder 1
Slide Used for Advertisement, undated.
Box 16 Folder 2
Patients with Staff, 11-1986, undated.
Box 16 Folder 3-5
"Old Stills", undated.
Box 999 Folder 7
Patients and Staff, undated.
Box 16 Folder 6
Buildings, 1974-1984, undated.
Box 16 Folder 8
Patients and Staff, 1986-1988, undated.
Box 16 Folder 9
Patients and Staff, 1986-1988, undated.
Box 17 Folder 1-2
"AC '80s" People and Events, 1982 November.
Box 18 Box 1
"AC '80s Patients/H.S. Cecil, Few Staff 0653", 1980-1987, undated.
Box 18 Box 2
"Sleeping Beauties/Dr. Mo[?] Reshoot [partially illegible]", 1992.
Box 18 Box 3
"Lobby Empty/Lab", 1992.
Box 18 Box 4
"John Fennell '91", 1991.
Box 18 Box 5
"Maxine [rest of name is illegible] Old Building", undated.
Box 18 Box 6
"Swimming Pool/Training Session", 1992.
Box 18 Box 7
"AC '80s/Patients", 1982-1985, undated.
Box 18 Box 8
"Playdeck", undated.
Box 18 Box 9
"Old Stills", undated.
Box 18 Box 10
"Wheelchair Race/Dr. L[rest of name illegible]", 1992.
Box 18 Box 11
"Jello Play/Side Lobby Unpeopled", 1992.
Box 18 Box 12
"Maxine [rest of name illegible] Boardwalk", undated.
Box 18 Box 13
"[illegible] Atrium/OT Room", 1992.
Box 18 Box 14
"Attention Deficit Clinic/Levy Clinic", 1992.
Box 18 Box 15
"M[illegible] Robinson/Dr. M[illegible]", 1992.
Box 18 Box 16
"Audiology", undated.
Box 18 Box 17
"AC early 80s, AC history/Patients", 1980-1984, undated.
Box 18 Box 18
"AC '80s", c. 1980s.
Box 18 Box 19
"AC '80s Respiratory Rehab", c. 1980s.
Box 18 Box 20
"AC '80s 33", c. 1980s.
Box 18 Box 21
"AC '80s 3028", c. 1980s.
Box 18 Box 22
"AC '80s 0638", c. 1980s.
Box 18 Box 23
"AC '82 Open House", 11-1982.
Box 18 Box 24
"Pool", 1991.
Box 18 Box 25
"AC early 80s", 1982.
Box 18 Box 26
"AC patients early '80s, AC Building Exterior, AC Outpatient Exterior Before Renovation", c.1980-1986.
Box 18 Box 27
"AC 1980", 1980.
Box 18 Box 28
"AC '80s", 1980.
Box 18 Box 29
People, 1987-1997, undated.
Box 19 Folder 1
People, 1993-1998, undated.
Box 19 Folder 2
People: Staff, undated.
Box 19 Folder 3
Events, 1994-1997, undated.
Box 19 Folder 4
Events, 1992-1998, undated.
Box 19 Folder 5
Events, 1995-1997, undated.
Box 19 Folder 6
Events, 1994-1996, undated.
Box 19 Folder 7
People, undated [c. 1960s to 1980s].
Box 19 Folder 8
People, undated.
Box 19 Folder 9
Buildings, undated.
Box 19 Folder 10
Events, c. 1980s.
Box 19 Folder 11
Events, c.1980s.
Box 19 Folder 12
Land Deed (photocopy), 1898.
Box 20 Folder 1
Land Grant: from State of NJ to CSH, 5-3-1900.
Box 20 Folder 2
Architectural Plans, Children's Seashore House, Atlantic City, NJ, 1901.
Box 20 Folder 3
Architectural Plans, Auditorium and Professional Buildings, Atlantic City, NJ, 1951.
Box 20 Folder 4
Sales Deed, from United Cerebral Palsy Association to CSH, 1983.
Box 20 Folder 5
Proclamation of Children's Seashore House Month by Richard J. Hughes, Governor of NJ, 7-1967.
Box 20 Folder 6
Architectural Plans, Philadelphia, PA, 1988.
Box 20 Folder 7
Plaque Inscriptions, 1989.
Box 20 Folder 8
Time Capsule: Signatures of Employees, members of Ladies Auxiliary, Medical Staff, and members of the Board of Trustees, 1990.
Box 20 Folder 9
Plan for Exhibit: ExhibitHealth, 3-1-1990.
Box 20 Folder 10
Donor Recognition, 6-25-1990.
Box 20 Folder 11
Physical Description

5.0 volumes

Untitled Scrapbook (patients and staff), C. early-20th to mid-20th century.
Volume 1
"Children's Seashore House 100th Birthday Party", 1966-1973.
Volume 2
"Children's Seashore House", 7-1-1969.
Volume 3
"Ground Breaking Ceremony", 6-20-1988.
Volume 4
"Topping Off Day", 3-22-1989.
Volume 5
Oil Painting of William Bennet, M.D.
Plaques, Donor Plates. 26 items.
Physical Description

26.0 items

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