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Jan Trembley papers


Held at: Bryn Mawr College [Contact Us]Bryn Mawr College Library, 101 N. Merion Avenue, Bryn Mawr 19010

This is a finding aid. It is a description of archival material held at the Bryn Mawr College. Unless otherwise noted, the materials described below are physically available in their reading room, and not digitally available through the web.

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Bryn Mawr College
Finding Aid Author
Melanie Levy

Collection Inventory

Programs from theater productions at Bryn Mawr College , 1921-1922. 1 folders.
Physical Description

1 foldersContains copies of the following play programs: "The Lady from the Sea," April 21-22, 1922 "Senior Reception" 1924 (?) "Trelawney of the 'Wells'," April 22-23, 1921 "If I Were King," April 9, 1921 "H.M.S. Pinafore or The Lass That Loved a Sailor", presented by the Bryn Mawr College Glee Club "He, the One Who Gets Slapped," November 4, 1921 "Interior" and "Androcles and the Lion," November 19, 1921 "The Mirrors of Yarrow Road or It, the Thing that Gets Slashed," February 25, 1922 "The Quest after the Merit Owl" (1922 to 1925) "Lady Frederick," April 20-21 (Senior Play, 1923 to 1924)

Photographs, Events 1. 2 folders.
Physical Description

2 foldersContains photographs of the following people at College Reunions: Sally Mallory '59 and Frank Mallory Ernst Berliner Ernst Berliner, Jackie Siegel '68 Claudia Ginanni '86 Ernst Berliner, Liz Carmichael Mabel Lang, Emily Baillargeon Barbara Avchincloss Thatcher '40 Marian Kirk Appel, Weecha Crawford '60 Bruni Ridgway and grandson Nancy Vickers, New Jersey alumnae event Pat McPherson, Nancy Vickers, Hanna Holborn Grey Hanna Holborn Grey

Photographs, Events 2. 3 folders.
Physical Description

3 foldersContains photographs of the following events: ASA Culture Show (see also Box 2, Folder 5) SAW Cultural Show Sisterhood Culture Show Bacaso Culture Show Dumpster Diving (Includes negatives; Includes photographs not related to Dive, but included in original photo envelope)

Photographs, Events 3. 4 folders.
Physical Description

4 foldersIncludes photographs of the following events: Reunion Archaeology Fashion Show from the early 2000's (see also Box 1, Folder 5) Faculty Shows (ca. 1997, ca. 1997 at Pat's Retirement) Greek play (includes negatives)

Photographs, Events 4. 5 folders.
Physical Description

5 foldersContains photographs of the following archaeological fashion shows as labeled: May Day, early 2000's; includes negatives ca. 2000-2005; includes negatives

Photographs, Events 5. 6 folders.
Physical Description

6 foldersContains photographs of the following events: May Day (see also Box 1, Folder 4) Athena Moving Juno's head

Photographs, Events 6. 7 folders.
Physical Description

7 foldersContains photographs of the following events: Pat McPherson's Retirement Cake Mariam Coffin Canaday Library Cake Staff planting garden Haffner Dining Hall, September 24, Indian bar Disabilities Coffee House sign Invitation to attend graduation, June 7, 1923 Garden parties March on Women's Lives, April 9, 1989 Centennial Campaign, AB Summer 1985 (Millicent Carey McIntosh '20) Barbara Auchincloss Thacher memorial service programs Rick Hamilton (Greek professor) research for Delos book Several unmarked

Photographs, People A-M. 8 folders.
Physical Description

8 foldersContains photographs of the following people: Katrin Berlin Phyllis Bober Madeline Cantor Jane Caplan, Mary Dunn Linda Caruso-Haviland (on left; © 1989) Mary Rose Coney Roseline Cousin, Lecturer in French Anne Dalke Robert Dostal, Provost and Rufus M. Jones Professor of Philosophy, May 1994 Quinn Eli, April 1997; Kesterson Michelle France Jane Goodale, Phil Kilbrite, September 7, 1989 Maggie Holley, October 1996; Kesterson Helen Lefilowitz Horowitz, with Jane Unkefer '55; Lecture on M. Carey Thomas biography written by Horowitz Deepak Kumar Mabel Lang, Six Presidents Presentation Steve Levine at Barnes Mark Lord Gary McDonogh Pat McPherson, Ambassador and Tezi Schaefer '66 Pat McPherson, 2001 Lynne Meadow '68, convocation speaker

Photographs, People N-Z. 9 folders.
Physical Description

9 foldersContains photographs of the following people: Justice Sandra O'Connor with students, in Blue Room, Wyndham Anna Quindlen Brunilde Ridgway Bruni Ridgway, Rhys Carpenter Alice Rivlin, Andrew Gold, Raymond Baker, Evan S. Dobelle, Rivlin, Vice Chair of Federal Reserve, receives honorary degree during special public policy convocation at Trinity College (Harford, CT); Gold (left), Trinity College professor of economic, director of public policy program; Baker (behind), Dean of the Faculty; Dobelle (right), Trinity College President; September 22, 1996 Steve Salkever, includes negatives Azade Seyhan Lucy Shoe '27, Meritt Exhibit, Carpenter Library, September 29, 2000; with Pat McPherson, others Rachel Simon '81 Mary O Sirem (sp? - in middle) Evelyn L. Smithson, Professor of Classics, with artifact, January 31, 1984 E. B. Spaeth, Jr., 1986 Gloria Steinem Charles Swindell Harris Wofford, US Senator; President of Bryn Mawr College, Spring 1978; In Iran

Photographs, People - unknown. 10 folders.
Physical Description

10 folders

Photographs, Art, Exhibits, Collections. 11 folders.
Physical Description

11 foldersContains photographs of the following art, exhibits, and collections: Wooden figure, Neufeld Collection "Binding Time" Carl A. Morris, painting, "Walls of Inclosure" Drawing by Bernard Perlin of Martha Gellhorn Painting by Katharine Hepburn, taken at her NYC house, 1992 Several unknown

Photographs, Architecture, Decor, unknown. 12 folders.
Physical Description

12 foldersContains photographs of unknown architecture, furniture, and décor

Photographs, Miscellaneous. 13 folders.
Physical Description

13 folders

Photographs, Campus scenes. 14 folders.
Physical Description

14 foldersContains photographs of some of the following areas: Pembroke Arch Gardens of Benham Gateway "Original Face in Tree Stamp" Labyrinth

Photographs, People, Boynton, Ruth Gardner. 15 folders.
Physical Description

15 foldersIncludes photographs of Ruth Gardner Boynton, class of 1928 Photographs included in card sent to Alumnae Office from Beverly B. Goff '60, Boynton's daughter. Card dated Sept. 18, 1997.

Slides, Miscellaneous. 16 folders.
Physical Description

16 foldersIncludes slides of the Mercer Tiles in Thomas Hall

May Day Schedule. 1 folders.
Physical Description

1 foldersContains copies of the schedules of May Day events from 1932 and 1936

Photographs, Architecture, Décor. 2 folders.
Physical Description

2 foldersContains photographs of the following buildings and décor: Thomas Great Hall Rhoads Juno's head Athena Wyndham Bryn Mawr greenhouse Rhoads renovation Haffner Schwartz Taft Garden tiles Cloisters McBride Lions Goodhart

Photographs, People, Millicent Carey McIntosh '20. 3 folders.
Physical Description

3 foldersContains photographs from the following photographers: Bradford Bachrach Pach Bros., N.Y.

Photographs, Events 7. 4 folders.
Physical Description

4 foldersContains photograph of College Day in the Picket Line, February 1917

Photographs, Events 8.
Container Summary

Contains photographs of the following events: Pond 2001 and ASA Culture Show 9-11 Campus Meeting and procession on Merion Green and candlelight procession

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